Metal Church Streaming Re-Recording of Badlands 2015

Metal Church: Blessing in Disguise

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It is hard to believe that Metal Church’s classic opus Blessing in Disguise is over 25 years old. Thrash metal veterans Metal Church are reunited with former singer Mike Howe, who has actually always been my favorite singer of theirs. To mark this momentous occasion, the band has released a recording of their classic “Badlands” as “Badlands 2015.”

“Badlands 2015” was mixed by Chris “The Wizard” Collier and recorded in June 2015. It features returning member Mike Howe (vocals), Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitar), Jeff Plate (drums), Steve Unger (bass) and Rick Van Zandt (lead guitar). The band’s upcoming album will be released in fall 2015 on Rat Pak Records.

While I think it is a horrible idea to re-record one of their best songs, it is nice to hear Howe on vocals again. He sounds the same as he did over two decades ago. It still is a bad idea to take one of their best songs and change it around even if the changes are minimal.