Wicked Channel Interview-Adam Casto (Nerd Table)


While on his way of making world peace for this Earth, Adam Casto decided to fly by the Wicked Channel headquarters and talk to us about what is going on. For people, not familiar with Nerd Table they are a band out of Ohio who has been at it for years putting out great music. You can hear their music on podcasts like Ola’s Kool Kitchen, and most music sites. Last week on the Classic Metal Show, the lead singer of Black Veil Brides made a comment that the music scene in Ohio is dead and there is no one really there. I hate to bust his bubble, but at one time his band did not get noticed and they were playing clubs trying to get a name, so to say that comment is like saying The Doors are the best in classic music and everyone else did not matter. It is a very arrogant yet asinine comment. I interviewed Adam 5 years ago (shit has it been that long) and that interview combined with Chasing the Bronco the last Nerd Table record showcased that Nerd Table are Ohio’s best kept secret. So, here we go on my quest for sanity talking to Adam Casto.

1. Where did the name Nerd Table come from?

In middle school there was this corner table of the lunch room. All the rejects, ld kids, “scrubs” and socially inept wierdos sat together. I sat there. That is where the name originated.

2. What was the first song or band that made you want to start a band and become a singer?

For me it always goes back to Nirvana. These catchy dirty songs, some even deep and beautiful, they came at the most impressionable time in my life.

3. Let’s talk about your last record first Chasing the Bronco. Songs like Bloody Glove and the title of the record seem inspired by OJ. Then you have songs about Corey Haim and also a Nirvana cover. When you were writing for the record, how did you get into a mindset that would think about these topics?

For Chasing the Bronco there was a multi-layered theme going on. The songs were all written at different times so my mindset was in different places. The title of the record is playing on the media coverage surrounding OJ. Over-saturate the masses with a Bloody Glove and a brain dead Terry Schiavo. In a world where celebrity deaths are great for the “news cycle” my tribute to Haim is genuine. Take Your Baby out the Microwave and Please Don’t Rape My Grandma are based on newspaper articles. Saved and Lonely Again were co-written by a friend of mine – Johann Kroll. His creative touch goes nice with my choruses. In This Country is a fuck you to everything written by former Nerd Table front man Tony Osterloh. Ron Jeremy’s Balls was written exclusively for Ron’s balls. Noise of Earth Part 4 is our experimental acid trip on steroids.

4. Let’s be honest your music goes from political to thought provoking to what the fuck is he smoking. Where or what do you find inspiration to write from?

I want to write songs that matter. I want to make a difference. At the same time I don’t want to be so serious. In my life I like to joke around and make the best of shitty situations. I like to write tributes to people that were polarizing or people that I love. I like to write smart ass political songs. The whole system is fucked. I know it won’t change in my lifetime.


5. How would you describe the Ohio music scene? Any bands you want to recommend?

I have never felt part of the scene in Ohio. I have found bands that I like here and there. I feel like overall people don’t give our music a chance so they can’t hear the difference. Some bands I love from Ohio are Friendly Faux, Pale Grey Lore, Storm Kills 4, Swarm and Robots’ Revenge.

6. You have played shows with other bands and singers either opening or your band opening; have everyone been cool to you guys? IF not, you want to spill dirt on the ones who were not?

I would say for the most part almost every band we played with has been cool. There have been a few bands that gave the vibe that they were too important for the room but I don’t even remember their names.

7. Nerd Table is basically a labor of love for you; you work on music-self release the records-tour around your city and state. Do you want to be more than that? Have you sent labels your cds or tapes of your live shows?

Sure..I wish Nerd Table was well known. I want a label or individual to pay for our recordings. I have sent stuff to some labels but kind of gave up on that route after getting ignored by everyone. Maybe it will happen magically.

8. Let’s talk about the new EP. Nerd Table IV-The Quest for Peace. The name and cover is very tongue and cheek but the music is anything but. This record I feel showcases your past, your present and maybe your future. Was this EP in your eyes a way of telling people that the band is still growing and that you want to be taken more serious?

I do want our band to be taken seriously. I also don’t want to lose what we already have done. We are a fun band.. We sing about real topics. There is a method to the madness. The new EP is such a dream come true. Recruiting Paul Leary and Chad Channing is the score of a lifetime.


9. You seem to have a theme going for Nirvana covers. How big an influence were Kurt and the music to you and your band?

My favorite band is Nirvana. Nick Nighbert’s (guitarist) favorite band is Nirvana. Nirvana is my biggest influence. Kurt was serious and had a fun spirit. I don’t want to be him. I just want to be myself and he inspired me by being himself. Kurt covered so many bands while in Nirvana. It is a natural thing to have bands cover Nirvana. It is still pretty staggering the magnitude of his music and his legacy. Nirvana was the first band I was ever into and to have him kill himself .. Damn man it struck a chord.

10. If Kurt did not die, do you think Nirvana today would still be around and also do you think they would still have the same impact given that they are still putting out music?

I think Kurt would have went solo or done other projects… like weird ass projects with Earth or the Melvins. I think eventually Nirvana would have done the reunion tour or at least a few festival gigs.

11. Nerd Table, in a sentence what would you say about the band and your experience as a singer?

Fanboy singer tries really hard and does ok.

12. If a kid went up to you and wanted advice on how to play music and be in a band, what advice would you give them?

Make sure you do because you love it. That way you will never get let down.


A note to Black Veil Brides, if the scene does not revolve around you and your poppy bubble gum flavor music, does not mean it does not exist. Nerd Table is the definition of the underground Ohio workers who bust it cd to cd living their passion and dreams. Sad that people have not caught on to it yet. Seek them out on social media and see what the hype is all about.