Music Review-Faith No More-Sol Invictus


Faith No More

Mike Bordin – drums
Roddy Bottum – keyboards, vocals
Billy Gould – bass guitar, producer, recording engineer
Jon Hudson – guitar
Mike Patton – vocals

1. “Sol Invictus”
2. “Superhero”
3. “Sunny Side Up”
4. “Separation Anxiety”
5. “Cone of Shame”
6. “Rise of the Fall”
7. “Black Friday”
8. “Motherfucker”
9. “Matador”
10. “From the Dead”

Review-Faith No More is one of those bands that the music industry needs. That being said, Mike Patton is one of those geniuses like a Devin Townsend that comes around once in a blue moon that any project or cd he puts out is going to change things and make another loud statement. Album of the Year in 1997 was the perfect way for Faith No More to walk away, an album that first track to last was a monster. The music industry has changed so much over the last 18 years and the fans are not so open and warm to bands that come out of long hiatuses. That being said, those bands are not Faith No More and the records that come out are nowhere near what the Sol Invictus is.

How do you follow up your legacy and records like The Real Thing and Album of the Year that fans have come to define your band with? You totally change it all and jump in the deep end of the music spectrum with a record that is more insane and unusual than what public masses are used to consuming. Sol Invictus comes right out of the gate showing that Faith No More really are their own band and do not answer to anyone; there are no Epic’s on here or anything that could be perceived as selling out or single material. The title track opening is this tribal feel with the piano and this low key vocal delivery that is so haunting that breaks into the punk feel of Superhero that is a heavy King for a Day…Fool for a Lifetime era song.

Sunny Side Up is next up with this groove and this 70’s feel with Patton showcasing his incredible vocal range. Separation Anxiety is a song that just hits you right out of the gates with its Tool musical landscape and Mike going back to his Fantomas roots with the vocals. This is easily the best song on this cd by far. Cone of Shame is a song that sounds like it came from the Angel Dust demos. It is a beautiful little tune that just slowly creeps into your system till the guitars take over and then Patton gets possessed and goes into classic FNM mode. Rise of the Fall sounds like FNM has been following the scene and decided to mix certain elements together. It has this European feel with an odd vocal delivery that really sounds like Patton set this song up for that breakdown that fans are going to really go ape over.

This record from Black Friday, Motherfucker and Matador give what fans what they are expecting from this band and they really keep the spirit alive. From the Dead which ends this cd was the shocker. This makes it sound like this cd is being perceived by the band as a soundtrack and this is the closing credits song. You expect when you hear this song to see credits coming on a screen. The new Faith No More cd is a good record; I think the diehards are going to embrace this record. When you compare it to past works it just does not feel like the same band and to me that is what makes this band so unique and different, but yet so brilliant. Sol Invictus definitely nails it in the closing line “Welcome home, my friend”. Faith No More is back and this is such a unique comeback record from a band that changed the industry by changing itself cd to cd. This is going to be one of 2015’s best albums.

9 out of 10