Movie Review-The Amazing Bulk


Review-Film junkies let’s be honest, the film is called The Amazing Bulk, and what are you expecting from this film? It is the equivalent of when people go into an Asylum film and they bitch and gripe even though that is the MO of Asylum for over a decade. I am not sure what the inspiration behind making this film was and I sure as hell am not sure who to recommend this film to. This film is so bad and I mean so bad, that it was a blast to see how bad it was. This is a film to do drugs and drink heavily while being involved with. You cannot enjoy this film fully unless you are high or drunk. That is the demographic that they are chasing. This film is so cheap they did not even use real cars or real pets. Beside the characters everything else was cartoonish. The scene where they are riding the roller coaster was so badly done, it had me laughing.

The subway scene where they are standing in this cartoon realm and you can clearly tell the actors are almost trying to act off each other, the acting is so wooden and awful that I was enjoying it. Then, as our hero I guess was about to tell his girlfriend he loved her, they get robbed. The robbery looked more like prison sex than any robbery I ever seen. Then, the next scene they are driving in a car? So, if you could drive in a car why are you riding a subway car? There is also a scene when our hero is talking to his girlfriend’s father and they are walking down this cartoon hall with a cartoon library. Hank is our hero he is a scientist who looks like he is applying to be a stunt double for a young Chris Isaak.

He is trying to solve the world hunger issue, which if the whole film is built on a micro budget with cartoon graphics how can we believe he can solve world hunger? Why not supply a real dog for the film? A real subway scene, a real car or what about a real house? His experiment gets out of hand and he turns into The Amazing Bulk. At first, Bulk gets back his wedding ring then he is off to stop an evil bomb wielding madman named Dr Kantlove. (Get it can’t love) This film is awful, it is bad but that made this fun such a fun car wreck to behold. This film could excel on MST3K, this film would go over huge. From start to finish, this film is just absurd, horrible and poor but fuck was this fun to just watch how bad it was. If you want to see a good bad film, this may be that film you are craving. This film in a theater with a bunch of winos could go over huge. For all of you who sent me emails about my quote on this box, look at some of the shit you watch that is made for millions and major studio. How many of those films do you get to not take so serious and just laugh at how bad it truly is?

This is quite possibly one of the best worst films ever made….

  • Romuska Palo Ur Laputa

    Excellent review. I Hate Everything brought me here.

  • Cringe Hunter

    you do that man, I pay good American dollar to see

  • Geffen Avraham

    Thanks. I think I’ll make short superhero film just to demonstrate that a high schooler can do better than the poor excuse for a director who made this.

    Plus, the 14K budget of “Bulk” may be low, but if I had that kind of money I could do so much. El Mariachi was made for 7K dollars and is considered to be one of the greatest films ever.

  • Cringe Hunter

    holy shit dude sick setup wow

  • Geffen Avraham

    I’m 15 and the short films I’ve made are much better than this. I use a real camera (BMPCC), a real microphone (Rode VideoMic), and real greenscreen backgrounds, not a Flip-cam, onboard mics, and online downloaded clipart.

  • Cringe Hunter

    I can safely say more effort and consideration was put into this review than the actual movie.