Movie Review-Chopping Block


Review-Chopping Block the latest film by Joshua Hull informs us that when we lose our jobs and are drinking heavily may not be the best time to come up with a plan for revenge. The film opens with a young girl bloody walking incoherently down the road. She is stumbling upon this van with two guys talking who seem to know who she is. Soon, three more people emerge and put Danielle in their van. Why is this girl so bloody? Why are these people who have masks on, want to put this girl in the back of their van and drive off? Well, the film goes back to the start when we meet the four guys and one woman who abduct Danielle. The first 45 minutes of the film set up as to why the beginning of the film happened.

We learn that their boss has let them go, and now they are all out of work. So, like most people do they go to the bar and get sauced. During this event, the idea is presented why not kidnap the boss’s daughter and hold her for ransom and ask for 5 million dollars. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong and as the film goes on their situation with this kidnapping goes from absurd to worst. Like Hull’s previous works this is dialogue heavy and the humor is so dark and dry that you cannot help but laugh. When Danielle informs the kidnappers that there is a female serial killer coming really brings the blood and gore element that the film offers.

I am a fan of comedy in horror, and Hull seems to really a grasp on what his characters are capable of and how to showcase their positives and hide their negatives. Like Beverly Lane one of Hull’s previous films, the horror is in small doses but when used is effective. What I really dig about this film is this awkward sense of humor that seems to bleed from the screen. The character of Steve reminded me of that do good co-worker we all seem to despise but creeps into our beings as much as possible. The opening with him bringing everyone doughnuts at work was such an odd way to introduce him, then the reactions from his coworkers about his kind gesture shows that maybe there is more to this than we know. Then there is Donnie who comes across like the 2015 version of Steve Guttenberg from Police Academy.

Who just seems like such a slacker and gets himself put into awkward situations and really uses a dry humor to make them really funny. Like the scene that he is having coffee with Steve’s wife while Steve is being punished and having to sleep on a couch that hurts his back. Then there is Melissa Revels who plays Abby. She stole the show in The Impersonators and she really gets to have her moments in this film as well. To be honest, the acting in this film was the biggest positive from all involved and that includes the others I left out. A negative about this film, the horror element does get a little hokey and the scene where they decide to make Steve the new Ash was kind of a miss but those are such nitpicking small gripes. Joshua Hull’s latest film is as solid as his two last films Beverly Lane and the above mentioned The Impersonators.

His writing and what he gets out of his characters is a cross between Clerks era Kevin Smith and Roger Corman. If you loved his previous works, you are going to really love this film. If you are not familiar with his works, you are truly missing out on genius. Very soon, Hull is going to get noticed and boy is Hollywood finally going to have some good films to brag about then. If there is any justice, this film will get him noticed and all involved. What a fun time, and what a great director.

8.5 out of 10