Dave’s dream concert setlists – Metallica

Mike did a great Metallica dream concert piece a few years ago, which you can see here. Metallica is my favorite band, so I figured I’d do one of my own.

Creeping Death
Master of Puppets
Holier than Thou
Last Caress/Green Hell
Mercyful Fate
Hit the Lights
That Was Just Your Life
Suicide and Redemption
Trapped Under Ice
Ride the Lightning
St. Anger
Seek and Destroy
Enter Sandman

Dyers Eve
Fight Fire with Fire

I have never seen Metallica live but I feel like for me personally that’s about as good as their setlist can get. The first four albums are my favorite but I’m definitely not opposed to Death Magnetic and I even like St. Anger so they could vary it up and I’d be happy.

Escape is a criminally underrated song that I’d love to hear live, so is their Mercyful Fate medley.

I was close to not including Enter Sandman just because I (like everyone else) have heard it a million times but I bet it would still be a lot of fun live.

  • fearshop

    I am happy to say that I have seen Metallica like a bunch of times, but not since the Black Album tour. They are still one of the greatest metal bands out there no matter how much people hate on them. Great setlist.