Bethlehem Splits Up

Bethlehem: Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia

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German metal outfit Bethlehem has decided to split up. Their last album was 2014’s Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. Jürgen Bartsch of the German outfit Bethlehem had this to say:

“Game over! Hey guys. Bethlehem has split up and does a break. If there will be a comeback or won’t isn’t certain yet. Obviously isn’t. Bethlehem has to stay pure anarchy – against all odds – and certainly isn’t a playground for wannabes. The fuck off.

“All shows for 2015 got canceled, NYC (Stardust) & Austria (Sick Midsummer) already have found a surrogate. Information can be requested from the organizers. NYC would be done at another time if this band should dare a comeback. If so, this first would result in a new longplayer anyways. Fingers (double) crossed!

“Other than that I got a tendinitis again. This time it’s the right wrist/underarm which fully gets swollen after practicing two songs and which makes it impossible playing my instrument at the moment. We also no longer can rehearse and the momentary line-up does not want to perform without me. After the ‘Devil’s Asylum Tour’ this shit already appeared at the left wrist/underarm and was put in a cast for months. Practicing my instrument(s) daily and for decades, completely ignoring all danger signs been sent by the body, damn caused the problem which also is for other instrumentalists I know. Actually, surgery would be wiser than a plaster cast which basically won’t solve the problem. Certainly another reason why a break is more than just welcome. Even typing this crybabies message here produces pain a lot.

“Therefore, you no longer can count on us. We’re done for the moment or forever. Ain’t get no clue yet cos I’m no foreboder. Like Stefan Raduta already said it: future does not exist. So all we can do is keeping our fingers crossed until they break cos all hope is gone like Slipknot said…tho I still believe in myself and my skills. At least something.”