Wicked Channel Interview-Katerina Katelieva (Evangeline )


Evangeline, out on VOD in May, stars Katerina Katelieva as a young woman who literally returns to life to seek vengeance on those who put her in an early grave. Sounds like a certain Brandon Lee classic, no!? Katelieva is happy for the comparison.

The film plays like a female version of The Crow – which is a huge compliment! Did you spot that in the script from the get-go?

Yes. I actually watched The Crow again before we started shooting. It’s a horror classic. Tragic, of course.

Was it empowering to play Evangeline, especially after her transformation?

Very much so. Strong female characters are inspiring and very complex. Karen Lam in particular writes very exciting parts for both men and women

How physical a role was it?

I did my own fight scenes and stunts. It was a very safe environment, but I remember most were scheduled in the first week, 3 days in a row. You meet another actor and you have to try to kill one another. Handshakes are overrated… It was really fun.

And emotionally, I take it you had to go to some pretty dark places?

Good writing gives actors the opportunity to go certain places, which we normally wouldn’t explore, as human beings. There was one very difficult scene, though, where she is brutally murdered, and she is absolutely helpless. It reminded me that violence is still very much a reality for many women, and most don’t have a way out.


Can I ask how Karen Lam was as a director? She’s got a great reputation, and is billed as one of the real up-and-comers!

She knows what she wants and how to communicate it. She shoots fast and gives actors the opportunity to add their own flare to a character. All of our serial killers were unique !

Not to steer too far off Evangeline, but can we ask about some of your other recent and upcoming projects?

I have a film premiering on the Hallmark channel called The Memory Book. It’s a love story, quite far from Evangeline. I am also challenging myself as a writer and creating some material for a web series.

Is horror a genre you’re interested in doing more in?

Absolutely. It’s mainstream and fun to do. I hope more filmmakers give women the opportunity to play the bad guy. I think bad chicks are fun to watch !

Evangeline on VOD May 8, DVD June 9.