Movie Review-Creeper


Review-Creeper is a 54 minute film that centers on Oliver. Oliver is the kind of guy you can see from a mile away coming and most of us would leave before he got close. He has issues, one of them being with women. He is a creepy bastard that women would use for anything he offered and never give him anything in return. Oliver’s life changes when he meets a perverted sick cabby who wants to steal a drunken woman Oliver has. Oliver appears to be a nice guy but do not fall for it, when he obtains a woman by his means which means the girls are drunk or maybe worst, the girls never seem to be seen again once they get in his house. Oliver also seems to leave bags in odd places. So, we meet Maggie a woman that Oliver wants so bad, but is scared to talk to her so he lusts her from afar.

Well things change and the oddest thing happens that really takes this story into very weird directions. This film was shot with the mindset of a music video of all the imagery, some of it was very disturbing and others it felt like we were looking thru the rabbit hole of what disturbing things can happen and the minds that think them up. For a 54 minute film I was shocked at the depth obtained and that we got enough into the characters and the motives that the film seemed not so rushed. I thought it had the right amount of chill and suspense that will keep a watcher like me intrigued but most of all it was shot for the pure value of shocking us with some very creative imagery. I think a negative could be made out of not letting this film breathe a little more and make it at least 10 to 15 minutes longer, but I feel that would have hurt the pace of the film and made it seem not to have the same punch. All in all, I would recommend this film to any horror fan who thinks our genre is stale and uninspired, this film shows me that horror and this community still is alive and wants to keep on making an impact.

8 out of 10

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