Metal Review: Lykaion: Heavy Lullabies (2015)

Lykaion: Heavy Lullabies

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Italian dark metal act Lykaion are back with their sophomore effort, Heavy Lullabies. The band gets lumped into this dark metal genre, which seem to be where bands get placed when they traverse multiple genres of metal. Pretty soon, every metal band will be dark metal.

What can easily be said about Lykaion is that they are full of energy and intensity with their music. I like to compare then to Sentenced sans the suicide themed songs. The tracks are fun for the most part outside of many formulaic lyrics and vocal melodies. The guitar playing is spot on with some nice solo work and the vocals contain just enough rasp to give the music the edge that it needs.

What will make Heavy Lullabies not getting much play time with me are the cliche song titles and lyrics. The themes get to the point of being childish at times, which is a huge detriment to an album that otherwise rocks with the best of them. There is no doubt that this four-piece has some serious potential and already are loaded with talent, but they are just not there yet.

Heavy Lullabies Tracklisting

01. Heavy Lullaby
02. For Love
03. Anthem
04. I Don’t Love you Anymore
05. Waitin’
06. Smile
07. End of Time
08. Out of my Heart
09. Animals
10. Accept Yourself
11. Till the End

Lykaion Line-up

Alesssandro Sforza – Vox/Guitar
Fabio Valentini – Guitar
Valerio Lipperra – Bass
Andrea Alberati – Drums