Metal Review: Carach Angren: This is no Fairytale (2015)

Carach Angren: This is no Fairytale

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The Netherlands’ Carach Angren is back with their fourth release, This is no Fairytale, which is an aptly title release to say the least. This album is definitely not the stereotypical fairytale that Mr. Walt Disney has instilled in our innocent childhood minds. Before the tales of Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After, the Brothers Grimm told of a different type of fairytale of a more darker, desperate time. Even those olden tales do not hold a candle to the tales that Carach Angren like to tell.

This is no Fairytale is an album out to tell a tale with the consistently titled songs speaking of various segments of fairytales. Carach Angren’s riffs are still heavy as Hell. Check out the opening to “Possessed by a Craft of Witchery” to see one of the best openings to a song in metal this year.

Seregor is spot on with vocals and guitar work throughout the entire release while Ardek’s keyboard and orchestra arrangements add such depth to the band’s sound. Of course, no one will debate how solid Namtar is on drums either.

I wish that I could point out individual highlights to the album, but this review would go on and on forever, and it is best said to just give This is no Fairytale a listen. Fans of technical metal bands will love what they are hearing, which fans of Carach Angren will like this album as well. It may not be on par with some of their previous efforts, but it is just about as good and that is saying a lot.

This is no Fairytale Tracklisting

1. Once Upon a Time…
2. There’s No Place Like Home
3. When Crows Tick on Windows
4. Two Flies Flew Into a Black Sugar Cobweb
5. Dreaming of a Nightmare In Eden
6. Possessed by a Craft of Witchery
7. Killed and Served by the Devil
8. The Witch Perished in Flames
9. Tragedy Ever After

Carach Angren Line-up

Seregor – Vocals & Guitars
Ardek – Keyboards & Orchestra
Namtar – Drums