Interview with Buddy Hutchins’ Demetrius Stear



Your journey with Buddy Hutchins goes way back, I believe?
Yes. I read the original draft years ago.

Being friends with the director, was it ever discussed that you might play Buddy?
Not really. Jared had already had a few actors in mind for Buddy. Luckily it worked out we were able to get Jamie Kennedy to jump on board.

Why did Jared Cohn choose you to play Buddy’s friend, you think?
We previously worked together on a few other projects and he already had a sense of what I could bring to the character. We work well together and it’s a good feeling when you can have that trust in each other.

Have you a favourite moment between you and Jamie Kennedy in the movie? My favorite scene is when Ryan is outside working on his car and Buddy shows up to pay off his debt. It felt good to get paid!

Obviously, you work out. Did you train more for this particular part – one that requires you to show off the muscles?
Not really, physical fitness is a big part of my daily life. I love the physical element of working out, but what I really enjoy most is my state of mind while training and after training.

Buddy Hutchins was obviously shot on a shoestring budget, but director Jared Cohn seemed to be able to do a lot with a little. What did you learn from working with him?
He is a master of maximizing what he has to work with on a shoestring budget. It’s great to work with a director who is also the writer and the editor because he has a total vision, but he also gives the actors room
to add personal touches to our characters which in turn feels more authentic because that allows each of us to bring a little of who we are to the character.

And talk about working with a young producer who is also an actor in the film. Richard was awesome to work with! He’s very wise beyond his years. I was really impressed with his mindset. He’s a go-getter, and I respect anyone with that mentality, regardless of their age.