Music Review-Eula-Wool Sucking


Eula is Alyse, Jeff and Stephen

Review-Eula is this three piece band that really showcases so much versatility and depth in their songs that as a listener track by track you really get behind the vision of the artist. It was 2009, and I had a few music podcasts in my Ipod and I heard this song called Above the Weather that just won me over with its dissonant guitar along with its manic drum and bass, with this sweet angelic vocal sound that delivers calm and the storm. 6 years later, a debut full length and some two track eps and a 5 song ep later, we are here with Wool Sucking. The best way to describe this record and Eula’s sound, if you liked what they did in the past, you will really like this, if you have not listened to them yet, this may be a great starting point. Where I felt Maurice Narcisse sounded like a band that was trying hard to figure out what it wanted to convey to the listener, this one sounds like a band who has paid its dues and really honed its sound and is ready for the next level. This is clearly a band not some solo act, where all the members lend something to each track but it seems Alyse’s vocals are the glue that keeps it all together. She really has this calm anger to her lyrics that you are not sure if she is pissed off or she is trying to play nice with a mean edge. Jeff’s melodic bass riffs really add such a richness to the sound that when you Nathan in the background it means something. Little Hearts is the song I named in my top 10 of 2013 as the best song, and this time out, there are some little touches to it. There seems to be a more melodic background, but the song is still one of the best songs of this band and their career so far. This record really shows a depth and maturity that I was shocked they would advance so much since the last record. Aplomb is another song that Eula showcases what they been about since the birth. This song just really comes out of left field and just hits you like a cruel wind and finds you captivated and not wanting the feeling to end. I feel bands like Eula, Fahri, Seremonia and so many others deserve a break and get some people listening. This is truly a band that if MTV had 120 Minutes on or CMJ were still in print would have made such a huge impact. I really like the new record and I hope others will give this band a chance. This sounds like an alternative blend of Sonic Youth meets a pissed off Debbie Harry. Great band, very good cd.

8.5 out of 10