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Moonspell: Extinct

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There are not too many bands that excite me like Portugal’s Moonspell, but let’s face it. There are not too many bands as good as Moonspell. If you want to hear the title track from their upcoming album, “Extinct,” it now now available. Listen to Moonspell’s Extinct. There are some sweet strings mixed into this track. Heck, there is even a guitar solo.

Moonspell will also be releasing a video for Extinct shortly. The album is due out on March 17, 2015 in North America and a few days earlier in Europe on Napalm Records.

Extinct Tracklisting

01. Breathe (Until We Are No More)
02. Extinct
03. Medusalem
04. Domina
05. The Last of Us
06. Malignia
07. Funeral Bloom
08. A Dying Breed
09. The Future Is Dark
10. La Baphomette
11. Until We Are No Less (Bonus Track)
12. Doomina (Bonus Track)
13. Last Of Them (Bonus Track)
14. The Past Is Darker (Bonus Track)