Movie Review-A Killer Conversation


Review-A Killer Conversation takes a situation that would terrify the normal human being that being an intruder forcing their way into your place, and this film takes that subject and adds a dark at times comedic twist to it. First time writer Michael Haberfelner and director David V.G. Davies dare to really showcase that a little imagination and heart really goes a long ways. The story focuses on Karl who answers his door and his life is forever changed when the person at the door gets inside. Karl is tied to a chair in his kitchen and is held at gunpoint. You instantly start to think, how can this work we are going to get a film that is focused on these two people going back and forth, but it seems to really gel and when Karl’s ex-girlfriend comes in, the film really showcases how strong both the script and material is. This film has a dark underbelly but humor sprinkled around it. Pauline the ex to me is the strongest of the characters, because any of us who dealt with a ex can relate to just asking the intruder to kill us instead of having to deal with her. When she enters the place she is unaware of what is going on and goes on her little gripe and bitch fest, even after the intruder shows the gun, she still goes on in a very humorous banter that really showcases what this film is trying to achieve. This film has so many different layers, we get the home invasion stuff early, then we get almost an episode of Jerry Springer when the two go back and forth, and the intruder lets them try to work out things. I feel people looking for the brutality and intense blood stuff are going to be letdown, unless they are open-minded and willing to give this film a shot. The film is not perfect, but it works and at times is very comical. The banter at times does seem to get a little long-winded, but it feels real and you never fully understand where the conversation at times heads, which leads to some of the surprises that this film offers. As a whole, if you are a fan of the dialogue in films like Hot Fuzz and love a little change of pace, this film could be something you will enjoy. A fun little film and a good time, despite the small flaws.

8 out of 10