Metal Review: Ghost Brigade: IV – One With The Storm (2014)

Ghost Brigade: IV - One With the Storm

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Finland’s Ghost Brigade is a different type of band. The band dares you to classify them. Many will say post rock, some will say melodic death metal. Others will say doom metal. Regardless of how you classify them, the band is very progressive in nature and likes to blend a myriad of sounds packed into each song, not just the album itself.

With their latest effort, “IV – One With the Storm,” out via Season of Mist, Ghost Brigade is back at their maddening effort once again teasing the listener’s sense with a distinct sound for each track. The band is simply impossible to pin down and they are all the better for it.

The album opens up with a very Opeth-like track, Wretched Blues, but the album really comes into its own with the second track, One With the Storm, where the band shows their melodic colors with this catchy track. The melodic guitar parts accompany the clean vocals nicely. From that point forward, there are some catchy tracks, some of which are faster and some of which are slow and brooding. I am not quite sold on the majority of the slow tracks as they are more depressive than I would like from a band of this nature.

While I love that Ghost Brigade is not afraid to explore various territories, they may be a little to broad ranging for what they are trying to accomplish. They would be better suited to be less dynamic, which is not something that I would say about a band too often. “IV – One With The Storm” makes it hard to find a rhythm throughout its listening because of the vast sweep of sounds, speeds and styles going on. If they were more of a depressive doom band, I would rather hear that on most tracks, but to switch from two highly divergent sounds make the album as a hole tough to listen to.

As individual tracks, there are so many good ones here. The epic Electra Complex eclipses the ten minute mark and takes the listener on its adventurous journey culminating in a climax well worth the wait.

Overall, Ghost Brigade has a good collection of songs, but the album in its entirety is much better as individual segments rather than a sum of its parts. The band continues to blur the lines between doom and rock among other styles. If you are into bands like the newer versions of Katatonia and Paradise Lost, Ghost Brigade will be right in your wheelhouse. There is a little more of an edge to them though, which is a good thing.

Ghost Brigade: IV – One With The Storm Rating

6 Stars (6 / 10)

IV – One With The Stor Tracklisting

1. Wretched Blues
2. Departures
3. Aurora
4. Disembodied Voices
5. Electra Complex
6. Stones and Pillars
7. Anchored
8. The Knife
9. Long Way to the Graves
10. Elämä on Tulta

Ghost Brigade Line-up

Manne Ikonen – vocals
Tommi Kiviniemi – guitar
Wille Naukkarinen – guitar
Veli-Matti Suihkonen – drums
Joni Saalamo – bass
Joni Vanhanen – keyboards