Movie Review-The Claire Sinclair Show Vol 1 & 2 (featuring Bunny Yeager)


Review-I deal with a lot of companies and quite a few PR people and studio heads. Cult Epics is one of the very few companies I deal with that I feel understand what passion in film is all about. When I review a film some may know, my links have to be turned in because they send me these films to talk about. Nico B. at Cult Epics is such a passionate film buff that when I say anything negative about one of his films, I have to be ready with a rebuttal that is more than sentences of “I did not like it”. Cult Epics in the last few years have really dug deep into the chest of odd films to release some gems. This time around, they give a film that is both educational and also a rare treasure. What we get is two episodes of the Claire Sinclair show for the main feature. If you are not familiar with who Claire is, she will have herself introduced as being a Playboy Playmate of the Year in 2010, a model for Bettie Page clothes, Star of the Vegas production Pin Up and also modeling. Claire is the rare beauty that has a brain in her head; she really speaks energetically when she is talking to Bunny Yeager so much you think she is not interviewing her for us but for herself. I loved the soundtrack that started our first interview which was Claire interviewing Claire, which she will tell us in the end, “was like having sex with someone she is in love with”. (I hate to see how this show would have turned out if it was like having sex with someone she hated) I did not mind the first interview; if I did not know anything about Claire she let me know anything I could ask her. (well without the fear of being slapped or beat up by her lover) The Bunny Yeager interview while this was her last interview before dying she comes across at times as maybe a tad bit jealous and envious in her words and how she uses them. Which Claire’s enthusiasm does not really help at times. I was such a huge fan of Bettie Page growing up as were most people in my age bracket. I mean look at who in the 70’s we had as sex symbols, Farrah Fawcett, Tura Satana, so why not Bettie Page she fit the mold perfectly. The bonus stuff was light erotic and more nostalgic fun for the viewer. My negatives, I wish there were longer interviews on this, the first one seems to end when it is really starting to get good. The fear of this negative is a little goes a long way, and if it was longer I feel it would have hurt it in the long run. The biggest positive I have is the energy and passion that Claire displays, you almost forget at times she is this beautiful woman and start to accept her just as someone who seems to know how to really carry an interview that is more in-depth and engaging than you would expect. All in all, Nico B and his Cult Epics have made a fan’s wetdream and really shows his heart and passion all over this release.

8 out of 10