Movie Review-Night Terrors


Review-Night Terrors is a throwback to the VHS age of horror anthologies. Completely with the fuzzy screen at times, lines in the picture and tracking issues. A young kid cannot sleep and goes to his older sister to help him sleep so she decides to tell him three horror stories to scare him so much that he will leave her alone. Three stories that go around 30 minutes each, that range from a deranged killer in a Santa Claus suit, to a disgraced professor who will do anything to help save his daughter from a disease that seems to be killing her and finally a sexually transmitted disease is turning people into zombies. Let’s start off with the strongest of the horror stories, Abstinence. This little short has it all from gore to comedy and even romance. 2 young guys just got to college and one wants to score with anything that walks and the other falls for a girl who has a boyfriend. When a classmate tells them about a freak stripper who he had sex with and they notice the bruises and bumps on him something does not seem right. Within days the whole class seems to have it. It is up to these two to stop it or hide till it ends. All I will say right now, there is no low this film will not stoop to get your attention. They really go hardcore on the gore and it pays off because the acting was so well done. Massacre on 34th Street is about Santa chasing after a group of punks that have been naughty. This also had a good supply of violence and gore, and at times humor. With this short, while it was really fun at times, it really did not deliver anything we have not seen before. Again, that was not all a bad thing because there was good stuff in this film that while not really original was still worth sitting thru. Baby Killer is about a Professor whose neighbors think he is a nut, who was disgraced for his practices. His practices are all about what can have save his daughter’s life from her life ending disease. This did not have the humor of the other two, but it also had a great deal of blood and gore including a scene where the guy cuts out a baby from a pregnant woman. If that sounds like your cup of tea, this short is for better or worse, really fucked up. The stuff with the babysitter and kid was fun; it had a Halloween charm to it. The negatives, the tattoos on some of the women, if this is a throwback film, the tattoo art really killed that vibe as did the punks and their mannerisms. As far as indie films go to only name those as negatives tell you how fun this little film is. It is a wink at the yesteryear and really provides the viewer with enough goodness to keep them invested in the film. All three stories were well written and had good characters that you can follow and enough blood and guts that you are going to smile. If this is what this studio is all about, their future should be very bright. This is some good fun, and horror fans will have fun with it.

8 out of 10