Metal Review: Einherjer: Av oss, for oss (2014)

Einherjer: Av oss, for oss

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Haugesund, Norway is home to the viking metal band Einherjer founded in 1993. With 2014, comes the band’s sixth studio album, “Av oss, for oss,” which takes the band’s typical usage of folk and viking metal tendencies and brings forth their most diverse album to date. With Einherjer, you know that you will get an epic, atmospheric tale of battles and challenges. The band name Einherjar itself describes the slain warriors who have gone to Valhalla and joined Odin’s table, so the band is all about being epic.

The album opens with an innocent clean sound, which quickly draws towards a battle march teasing the listener for what is to come. Once Hammer i kors begins, the band switches to a classic metal riff mixed with the group chants and raspy vocals of Frode Glesnes.

The album marches forward with cinematic type settings and some very nice guitar licks splashed throughout heavy hitting riffs. The band is all about the little things that are scattered throughout each song. In some instances, you hear a random cowbell behind the scenes. In others, there are the over the top musical movements that add depth to the tracks.

Overall, this is Einherjer’s most diverse album to date and is quickly becoming my favorite album of theirs. We normally do not cover much viking metal on here, so you know that this one has to be good.

Einherjer: Av oss, for oss Rating

7 Stars (7 / 10)

Av oss, for oss Tracklisting

1. Fremad
2. Hammer i kors
3. Nidstong
4. Hedensk oppstandelse
5. Nord og Ner
6. Nornene
7. Trelldom
8. Av oss, for oss
9. Blodsbånd” (limited edition bonus track)

Total length: 47:43

Einherjer Line-up

Frode Glesnes (ex-Grimar) – guitar, vocals
Gerhard Storesund (ex-previously Ulvar) – drums, keyboards
Aksel Herløe – guitar (bass for Blot)

Record Label: Indie Recordings