Metal Review: Blodhemn: H7 (2014)

Blodhemn: H7

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Norwegian black metal band Blodhemn is back with their latest collection of black metal madness “H7.” The band is the brainchild of the multi-talented Invisus and is only his third release in ten years since the band’s inception. Hailing from Bergen, Blodhemn has a lot to live up to coming

The album opens with that classic metal sound in Flammenes Virke. The band takes the standard approach to their black metal sound and it works. An almost unforgivable mistake occurs with the opening track though with a horrid guitar solo played completely off key, but that is one of the few missteps that Invisus makes throughout the entire album.

The standout of the album is Slettet Av Tid with its myriad of various sounds and tempos. The clean parts are evil spirited and fit in perfectly with the fast paced sections. The listener has visions of an icy forest in the middle of nowhere as they listen to this atmospheric track.

Overall, Blodhemn proves that there is something to be said for taking the standard meat and potatoes approach to their sound and it works. “H7” is an album that could have been written 20 years ago, but it still sounds as good today.

Blodhemn: H7 Rating

6.5 Stars (6.5 / 10)

H7 Tracklisting

1. Flammenes Virke
2. Slettet Av Tid
3. Evig Heder
4. Veiten 3
5. Åndenes Ansikt
6. Fandesvenn
7. Holmengraa

Blodhemn Line-up

Invisus – All Studio Instruments, Vocals
Dan – Live Drums
Hauk – Live Bass
Ånneland – Live Guitar

Record Label: Indie Recordings