Movie Review-Ghost Bride


I made a pact on Halloween I was going to have a film festival of my own. Most of these films were geared towards this holiday, but none of them are available just yet, so we will say this is maybe looked upon as a Holiday list if any of these films should be presents to oneself or another. Do like I do, when it comes time to buy my wife gifts I just buy her things that I love, and then tell her “ well if you do not want that”. All jokes aside, thanks to the companies who sent me these films to review and keep my voice alive review to review!!!!

Review-Review-David Blyth is one of those directors whose films are always going to fall into a category of, “get it” or “over the head of”. In terms of his projects he always seems to inject a message and instead of giving fans over the top this or that, chooses a more thoughtful approach where people have to use their heads to get where the film is going or what story the film is telling them. I loved his last film Wound and actually had it in my top 5 in 2010, the follow-up Ghost Bride while completely night and day is an interesting little slice of Asian cinema. Where David has never been shy about controversy and what his films messages send the viewer, this time out it seems that David has attempted to make a commercialized film that it seems his past works made fun of. Ghost Bride is about Jason Chen who is being pressured by his mother to have a traditional arranged marriage because his dead dad wanted that. Come to find out that is not what Jason wants he is in love with Skye. His mom decides to take him to this matchmaker who claims to have found him his bride. Her name is May-Ling, but Jason still wants Skye. Right after he proposes to Skye we get to see a ghost. I love David’s work but this film I feel is not where David’s heart was, and I feel this film came more from being pressured to come up with something to get his name out in the States, rather than staying in the underground and making shocking cinema. Do not read that wrong, the film has some decent acting and a few good little scares, the film is not bad by any means, it is just not what I would have expected from David. I understand a departure but this is just completely a facelift, makeover and new vision which does not coincide with anything he ever released and things he has spoken out about in the past. I hate to use the term but what else can you say, this film could be viewed as “selling out”. Again, this film is not a bad film and actually held my attention but it is just like any other Asian creepy film about Ghosts, it really offers nothing you have not seen before from a director who has always offered things we have not seen before. If you hated Wound, you will love this film but that being said, if you loved Wound this one is a tough pill to swallow.

7 out of 10