Metal Review: Apostle of Solitude: Of Woe and Wounds (2014)

Indianapolis doom metal band Apostle of Solitude are back with their third release, “Of Woe and Wounds,” a depressive release of woe and despair that suits the band just perfectly. It marks the first album appearance of guitarist/vocalist Steve Janiak, also of Devil to Pay, who joined after the second record was released.

With nearly 60 solid minutes of some of the darkest sounds heard since classic Cathedral or Solitude Aeturnus, “Of Woe and Wounds” plays very well if you are in the mood to sit alone in the dark and lose yourself in their sounds.

The album’s opening song proper, Blackest of Times, shows how well the band mixes their doom sounds with some truly impressive doom vocals, which reap of despair. Whore’s Wings is such a good song with its great riffwork and vocals. It even features a decent lead guitar section, but the riffs steal the show on this one.

Overall, “Of Woe and Wounds” is a release that should be taken notice of and Apostle of Solitude gets me even more excited with this release than I previously was about them.

Apostle of Solitude: Of Woe and Wounds

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Apostle of Solitude: Of Woe and Wounds Rating

6.5 Stars (6.5 / 10)

Of Woe and Wounds Tracklisting

1. Distance and the Cold Heart
2. Blackest of Times
3. Whore’s Wings
4. Lamentations of a Broken Man
5. Die Vicar Die
6. Push Mortal Coil
7. This Mania
8. Siren
9. Luna
10. Distance and the Cold Heart (reprise)
Running Time: 57:58