Movie Review-Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum and Dead Girls


Review- Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum I love the marketing and advertising campaign that this film has adapted in the last few months I feel this film is more than likely a hard sell so they had to find a way to make it seem more mainstream. Now, do not get me wrong this film is amazing and it made my top twenty list in 2012, but this independent film may not be for everyone. Think of the darkness of a film like Clerks with a black humor you would get from an earlier Todd Solondz and you get what this film has to offer the viewer. This film centers on two girls Tabitha and Mimi, they have this little get together that starts off normal but ends up anything but. This film offers so many twists and turns, and most of the humor is very bleak. This film is very cold in how its characters seem to change direction so much and yet it maintains a smartness about the dialogue and script that really feels fresh. Conundrum packs an off sense of emotion, where the characters express heart felt feelings then says or do something absurd afterwards. Where this film succeeds the best is at its unpredictability, that is why I was so bleak on the plot and any scenes in general, because I feel if you spoil one moment then the rest of the film could suffer. This film in the end I have to admit is the best film that has put out by Midnight Releasing to date; it showcases a future great director and a cast who can all swim with the bigger fish in bigger budget films. This film clearly shows that indie films is growing up and really giving the major studios something to worry about. All in all, this is well worth the asking price. This is that date movie, you and your special one are just sitting back shocked at what you are experiencing and when the end comes you are either laughing or shocked that this film had the balls to even attempt half of the things it did. This film should have been a bigger deal for all involved. What a great film.

9 out of 10


Review-I am happy that it seems the anthology genre is making a comeback. The best part of that statement is the bulk of them are small independent films. Dead Girls gives us three stories the first one being Over My Dead Body. This one is about a shitty house party, you have Travis and Suzy that Suzy is not happy with how Travis is acting. Travis seems to be hitting on another and basically is doing it in front of her. Suzy decides to go it alone and finds a tattooist who is offering his service. Suzy wants a tattoo, and this starts our tale. We go into this Lifetime Tales from the Darkside episode, where we have wronged Suzy and her vengeance. I liked it somewhat, but I felt the budget hurt the potential of what this could have offered, this short was hampered on promises I felt it was offering but in no way could deliver. The acting was what you would expect as it the horror element which was little to very none. I was expecting this to have a good end, but I felt it was a letdown in the way it really laid itself out it was overacted in the end and utterly forgettable. Theta Phi’s Never Die is our next one and this is about a sorority house of course. This short plays out like 70’s to early 80’s horror and really was amazingly fun. What the first short lacked this one picked up and then some. Courtney and Avery are on their way to pledge night, and we watch these two girls in their plight to be in one of the best sororities on campus. This short was so entertaining and really delivered like I said earlier, this one is flat out a must watch for any horror fan. This one even had the balls to throw in some twists and turns to see if we are paying attention. We go to short 3, Vengeance is Mine which follows Maggie a former Catholic ward who has wound up as a prostitute on the streets. What happens when you are trying to escape your past but your past seems to show up and almost challenges you to take action against those who wronged you. This one really showcased what makes this anthology stand out to me. The subject matter alone on this short really was weird considering the matter on the first two. It was like this film was shooting for three different realms, and the last one being shock. While all three shorts seem to draw lines to sex and violent actions, this one was really was disturbing to watch which I feel was what it set out to do. This anthology was very dark; it started out with a whimper but got louder and louder until the end. All in all, I would say if you are into horror this may be worth a look. These shorts go into dark territories of both horror and the human psyche, and offers you glimpses into lives and people that you may wish when you turn it off in the end you did not see.

7 out of 10