Metal Review: Alunah: Awakening the Forest (2014)

Alunah: Awakening the Forest

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Birmingham, UK’s doom metal outfit Alunah have a lot to live up to being a doom metal band from the same home of the mighty Black Sabbath. Led by the hypnotic vocals of Soph Day, the four-piece set themselves apart from the typical doom metal band by their incorporation of more psychedelic elements, but that is what all the cool kids are doing these days.

This female-fronted band merges influences from Black Sabbath and Cathedral to create a sound that works very well for them on their latest effort, “Awakening the Forest.” The lead guitar work of Dave Day adds more sophistication to most tracks with Dan Burchmore’s bass adding much needed depth to their heavy sound.

The album only contains 6 tracks, but still lasts 48 minutes, and is worth every one of those minutes. Most tracks follow the pattern of the opener Bricket Wood Coven with their chugging tempo and hypnotic vocals with occasional forays into more up tempo paces such as The Mask of Herne.

Overall, Alunah makes their debut album with Napalm Records, and third album overall, well worth the price of admission. In the two years since the release of “White Hoarhound,” the band has grown leaps and bounds and “Awakening the Forest” shows that.

Alunah: Awakening the Forest Rating

6.5 Stars (6.5 / 10)

Awakening the Forest Tracklisting

01. Bricket Wood Coven
02. Heavy Bough
03. Awakening the Forest
04. The Mask of Herne
05. Scourge and the Kiss
06. The Summerland

Alunah Line-up

Soph Day – Vocals & Guitar
Dave Day – Guitar
Dan Burchmore – Bass
Jake Mason – Drums