Blu Ray Review-Nightbreed:The Director’s Cut


Review-When you talk about statements in horror for 2014, Shout Factory has made some very loud rumblings this year and deserve to be hailed as the new “kings or queens” of horror releases. When Anchor Bay was in their stride, they were releasing bad horror film then classic horror film. Shout has taken that model and just really put out some of the best transfers and also gems of this year. Shout released Lifeforce on blu ray, Halloween box set with the unseen till now part 6, and so many others. Nightbreed to me is the only reason I waited one more year till I quit blogging, I wanted one of the first copies of one of my favorite films ever. When this film opened on a Friday, I took a date to the 7pm show and we stuck around after for the next two shows. Clive Barker’s Nightbreed is one of those films that I feel should have been bigger than it was in terms of commercial success but I also feel that it should never have been so underrated and under appreciate in this genre. Where Barker’s vision of this film was a darker fairy tale, the studio wanted it to be a marketable horror film. When you have a director and his vision being compromised by some suits that have no clue about horror much less a film, the recipe is always disaster. The story we are all familiar with is about Boone who is haunted by dreams of a place called Midian. A world that is full of mystery and monstrous outcasts. Well his psychiatrist is also a serial killer and frames all his murders on his patients. Dr. Decker is the perfect villain for Boone as he thinks Boone’s stories have some legitimacy to them. Boone joins the Breed and sets up for the impending fight with Dr. Decker. The Director’s Cut is a little more story based and really builds on the characters like Lori, Boone’s girlfriend and we see thru her eyes more than her just being background fodder like in the film. Also, we get to see a little depth with Decker and Boone that explains and sets up their impending battle a little better. This film I always felt should have been made into chapters or sequels and by all logic Barker hint in 92 that we would get a second Nightbreed and I feel that film could have really kept this story alive and going. In the age of films like Pan’s Labyrinth, this film I feel could work as a remake because now studios are a little more tolerable with creative minds like a Peter Jackson or Christopher Nolan, that Barker could really make some magic with a retelling. Nightbreed to me is the one film that I always wanted to see mean more to the horror community and I pray that now it is officially out the director’s cut or Cabal cut whatever you call it, that people will finally respect this classic for what it is. If this film was anything short of a 10, the special features would push it way over a 10. Shout Factory really deserve so much credit for finally giving horror fans that one film that I feel deserved more than it got. This is what you call a classic, and Nightbreed is so deserving of that claim.

10 out of 10