Music Review: Slash: World on Fire (2014)

Slash: World on Fire

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Former Guns ‘n Roses guitar hero and icon Slash is back with his third solo album, “World on Fire.” In his first solo effort, Slash employed various vocalists, but used Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy as his live vocalist. For his next two releases, including the previous “Apocalyptic Love,” Kennedy has been the solo vocalist along with his Conspirators in tow.

Apocalyptic Love” earned Slash his two first-ever No. 1 U.S. rock radio hits with You’re A Lie and Standing in the Sun. After a bunch of listens to “World on Fire,” I expect a few more of that.

The album opens with the title track, and it is a good one. World on Fire is a straight rocker in only the way that Slash can play one. I have to say that I have never been a huge fan of Myles Kennedy, but his vocals do not deter this album like they have done previously for me. His vocals actually improve the title track and becomes one of the highlights of the songs. Of course, Slash is second to almost no one as far as rock guitar goes, so his riffs and solos are what do it for me.

Automatic Overdrive gets more into the rock realm with some really nice riffs as does the ass-kicker Wicked Stone, the latter of which shows Kennedy in great form again.

30 Years to Life brings some slide guitar into the mix and is a more melodic piece that is rather catchy. Bent to Fly switches gears a little and seems to have the makings of being one of the hits on the album.

Other rockers are interspersed throughout the album and work very well. Songs like Withered Delilah are quick punches that get in and out and are just fun. One of my favorite tracks on the album is one of the more surprising songs in the closer, The Unholy. It starts off pedestrian enough, almost like a Soundgarden track, but some of the guitar riffs are simply evil.

Overall, Slash is still kicking ass, and as his releases get stronger and stronger, I hope that the screams for a GNR reunion finally die out. Axl is nowhere near the musician he used to be and would only bring Slash down. Even his stints with Slash’s Snakepit and Velvet Revolver were not bad. Okay, Velvet Revolver sucked pretty bad, but the guitar riffs were still stellar. Slash went back to basics since his solo run and the quality has increased ten fold. There is no denying that Slash can play the hell out of the guitar and “World on Fire” is just another example of that along with some really nice songwriting and vocal performances. Slash held back the blues a little on this one and concentrated more on the rock and it works so well.

Slash: World on Fire Rating

8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10)

World on Fire Tracklisting

1. World on Fire
2. Shadow Life
3. Automatic Overdrive
4. Wicked Stone
5. 30 Years to Life
6. Bent to Fly
7. Stone Blind
8. Too Far Gone
9. Beneath the Savage Sun
10. Withered Delilah
11. Battleground
12. Dirty Girl
13. Iris of the Storm
14. Avalon
15. The Dissident
16. Safari Inn
17. The Unholy
Running Time: 77:24

Slash Line-up

Slash – lead guitar and rhythm guitars
Myles Kennedy – vocals
Todd Kerns – bass, backing vocals
Brent Fitz – drums, percussion

Production Personnel

Michael “Elvis” Baskette – Producer, Mixing, Engineer
Jef Moll – Engineer
Ron English – artwork