Movie Review-Mutantis


Review-I have come to an understanding when watching a film put out by Dire Wit Films. Mark Leake and his crew are all using a ton of drugs. Mutantis is quite easily the most fun but yet the most bizarre time you will have watching a film this year. The film is about a scientist who brings his crew into the woods to help him find this Bigfoot like creature that came from mutation called Mutantis. This film has all the staples that Dire Wit is becoming famous or infamous (depends on who you ask) for, the bad wigs, the cheesy voice overs and dialogue that if you think about it, you will lose brain cells. We discover that this creature has both sex organs and we get to watch the creature use them repeatedly in this film. Where most films work really hard to try and push the bounds and offend an audience, this film just does it so blatantly and unapologetic. This film has an odd way of dealing with incest, rape and most importantly the effects and usage of drugs. This film at a midnight art house would be gold. This film from start to finish is just plain odd, so much so that I found myself laughing and really getting into it more and more as it played out. This film tries to manipulate us to think it is filmed in the 70’s with the outfits, the bad dialogue and most importantly the messages it tried to send. You get one look at Father Joy’s bad wig and him being so smart and hip that he eats a piece of a dropping to tell us what we would have already known, that Bigfoot aka Mutantis is alive. They even have a narrator who at times keeps us up to speed with what is going on, and his cue is a pair of breasts that I guess is like a signal for him. With Dire Wit Films I feel people really miss the boat, when you go into a film like this and try to take it seriously you miss the boat. I mean Mutantis doing a 69 with an Indian gives you all you need to know if you are the crowd this film is for. People have forgot how to have fun at the movies, everything in comedy and horror has to be so serious, so long drawn out, a certain name, sometimes it just has to be entertaining and this film is that. For the budget this film had to work on, I feel they did a great job while I know the monster itself is hokey, but that leads to the fun of this little small film. This film is vile, disgusting, offensive, creative, genius and most of all from start to finish just all out fun. What fucking else do we ask for with a film? I would highly recommend this film, and highly recommend anyone to use a ton of drugs or drink heavily before, during and after watching it. Even the closing credits and the Green Crab song which explains what Tennessee Tammy could mean were hilarious. Dire Wit has hit a home run with their best film to date; this one is so fucked up.

8 out of 10