Metal Review: Unisonic: Light of Dawn (2014)

Unisonic: Light of Dawn

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Germany’s Unisonic is a supergroup that we have talked about on before. This band contains two exceptional talents in the power metal world, both of ex-Helloween fame actually. These unique talents are Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen. Kiske’s voice is simply something to behold. From his old Helloween days, the music was just special, but the vocals are what made the band what they became. They have been a shell of their former selves since he left them long ago. Kai Hansen is now the leader of the highly acclaimed power metal band Gamma Ray, which usurped Helloween’s fame years ago.

The talented quintet is back with their sophomore effort, “Light of Dawn,” and just as their debut did just two short years ago, this album is yet another well done piece. The main difference with “Light of Dawn” is that the album follows more of a traditional power metal approach where their debut was more of a melodic rock album. Both methods work for the band. The debut effort was a little more original, but “Light of Dawn” is more rocking.

After the brief opening instrumental, Find Shelter opens this opus with some wicked riffwork, but the song truly takes off when Kiske’s vocal enter. The solo guitar work is exceptional as well. You and I is a super-melodic piece that it all vocals. When the Deed is Done is another melodic piece with some nice guitar pieces, especially in the final minute and a half.

Not Gonna Take Anymore has some nice riff work and is the track where you get to hear Dennis Ward’s thumping bass at its best. Exceptional is absolutely catchy as hell with its fun chorus. The lead guitar work also offers a nice contrast during the break. Blood is the beautiful power ballad of the album and is a very catchy song with great guitar lead work. Your Time Has Come is yet another fun rocker.

Night of the Long Knives becomes another catchy track that you will be singing for days. For the Kingdom is a rocker with some very nice guitar riffs, a catchy power metal chorus and some great lead guitar work during the solo break.

Overall, Unisonic’s “Light of Dawn” is an addicting album that power metal fans will adore. If you long for the old days of Michael Kiske’s voice singing metal, look no further.

Unisonic: Light of Dawn Rating

7.5 Stars (7.5 / 10)

Unisonic Line-up

Dennis Ward – Bass (Missa Mercuria, Pink Cream 69, Wicked Sensation, D.C. Cooper, Place Vendome, ex-Bob Catley, ex-Dezperadoz)
Kosta Zafiriou – Drums (Krokus (live), D.C. Cooper, ex-Pink Cream 69, ex-Kymera, ex-Place Vendome)
Michael Kiske – Vocals (Kiske / Somerville, Avantasia (live), ex-Ill Prophecy, Michael Kiske, Place Vendome, ex-Helloween, ex-SupaRed)
Mandy Meyer – Guitars (Krokus, ex-Ashton, ex-Asia, ex-Cobra, ex-Gotthard, ex-House of Lords, ex-Katmand├╝, ex-Stealin Horses, ex-Van Zant)
Kai Hansen – Guitars (Gamma Ray, ex-Helloween, ex-Iron Savior, ex-Avantasia (live), ex-Gentry, ex-Iron Fist, ex-Second Hell)