Horror Movie Hotties: Cerina Vincent


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Cerina Vincent is hot, and I mean super hot. She is simply gorgeous and has an absolutely amazing body. As I write this, I am actually watching the screener of “Monika” starring Cerina Vincent as a blonde. She looks as amazing as ever, but I prefer her as a brunette. How hot was she in “Cabin Fever?”

Cerina Vincent moved to Los Angeles and was quickly booked as Maya, the yellow Power Ranger because of her stunning good looks. From there, her beauty was noticed instantly and she bared all for her roles in “Not Another Teen Movie” and the horror film “Cabin Fever.” Her only other horror role outside of “Cabin Fever” was a television role in “The Walking Dead,” but she deserves a spot on our Hotties of Horror list simply for her amazing body in “Cabin Fever.”

She is also an accomplished author as the co-aythor of an incredibly successful book “How to Eat like a Hot Chick” and as a co-author of a weekly lifestyle column on the Huffington Post. She has also seen much success on television shows. For the record, she also won the Miss Nevada Teen USA Pageant in 1996.

Cerina Vincent Sexy as Hell

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Cerina Vincent Sexy

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