Metal Review: Principality of Hell: Fire & Brimstone (2014)

Principality of Hell: Fire BrimstoneTo make a long story short, Greece’s Principality of Hell is Motorhead with a black metal feel to them singing of satanism and witchcraft mixed with a touch of Venom. How sweet does that sound?

From The Magus’ growl of “Black Fucking Metal,” which opens the album to the final sounds of the cover of Exodus’ Strike of the Beast, Principality of Hell’s “Fire & Brimstone” simply kicks ass. There is no easier way to put it. I have visions of a demonic figuring riding down Route 666 on a motorcycle engulfed in flames as I listen to each track on this album.

The aforementioned title track, Fire & Brimstone, is a hellish, evil tune that sets the stage perfectly for what is to come. Codex Inferno is another vile, evil track which sounds like it is from the soundtrack to Hell.

The Bleeding Nun is littered with shrieks and screams from women and children adding to the dark storyline of the track. We Ride at Night actually gives us our first audible glance at The Magus’ bass, which is mixed very low throughout the majority of the album.

Principality of Hell may be a new band to most, but it is composed of veteran musicians, including three members of Thou Art Lord: The Magus (Necromantia), El (Nergal, Soulskinner), and J. Maelstrom (Dephosphorus, Dodsferd, Ravencult). These veterans know a little something about releasing quality music, so their combined efforts in Principality of Hell will be a welcome addition to most everyone’s collection.

Principality of Hell: Fire & Brimstone Rating

8 Stars (8 / 10)

Fire & Brimstone Tracklisting

1. Fire & Brimstone
2. Codex Inferno
3. The Bleeding Nun
4. We Ride at Night
5. Leviathan
6. The Witches’ Coven
7. Hellfire Legions
8. The 9th Seal
9. The Hand of the Hangman
10. Strike of the Beast (Exodus Cover)

Principality of Hell

Principality of Hell Line-up

The Magus – Bass, Vocals
El – Guitars
J. Maelstrom – Drums

Record Label: W.T.C. Productions