Metal Review: Lehmann: Lehmanized (2014)

Lehmann: Lehmanized

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Italian vocalist/bassist Matteo Lehmann, best known for being a musician on for Iron Maiden lead vocalist Blaze Bayley’s solo band, has released his own solo project now. The band is simply called Lehmann and the album is entitled “Lehmanized.” Sounds like someone has a little bit of an ego, but aside from that, let’s take a gander at this release.

“Lehmanized” has me pretty torn on many parts of it. For the most part, the album is pretty good with varying styles throughout from classic metal to goth metal to straight up rock to progressive rock/metal. Lehmann displays some decent range on The Secret hitting some nice high notes at times along with his cleaner gothic style voice.

The opener, Equilibrium, sets the stage nicely for what is to come and ends up being one of the more tame tracks on the album. The closer, Laid So Low, featured the aforementioned Blaze Bayley on vocals along with Lehmann.

Overall, “Lehmanized” is a decent album that a lot of people will adore. The musicianship is top notch, but at times, the album gets lost within itself with far too many throwaway tracks for only starting off with 8 songs.

Lehmann: Lehmanized Rating

6 Stars (6 / 10)

Lehmanized Tracklisting

1. Equilibrium
2. The Secret
3. Like a Rock
4. Lehmanized
5. Let Me Pray
6. Gemini
7. Sunday I’ll Be Dead
8. Laid So Low

Lehmann Line-up

Matteo Lehmann – Vocals
Neil – Guitars
Ivan Demichev – Guitars
Andy – Bass
Anton Kuklin – Drums

Record Label: Massacre Records