Press Release-June 30, 2014 Ogres of the Hickory Cottage will launch on


For Immediate Release
An Equal Opportunity Employer


The Hickory Cottage Book Exchange has begun revising their policy in the hiring of Ogres Boris and Lon. Since the two Ogres started working at the Ponchatoula used bookstore, three children and ten cats have been reported missing.
Manager Charley is caught in a maze of books, murder and betrayal. To stay one step ahead of the law, she must betray two friends in order to protect her employees.

Char’s story is based on her experiences at her family’s used bookstore The Hickory Cottage Book Exchange located in a small town in Louisiana. The inspiration for her story came from a tale she told children who misbehaved in her bookstore. In this book the “tale” comes to life in the two main characters of two eight foot tall Ogres who live in the attic of the bookstore.
The characters in her story are based on her imagination and past customers who supported her book store through the years. Certain names have been changed to protect the innocent. Fans of Char’s blog and radio show Charred Remains will recognize certain names as the story unfolds.
Ogres of the Hickory Cottage is the first in a planned serial from the author. Char has been an indie horror reviewer for the past four years. Her passion for the genre horror and all things indie led to her being published in the 2012 anthology Dark Light published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterflies and again in the 2013 follow up Dark Light 2 anthology.
Her serial can be categorized as urban fantasy with hints of mystery and horror. In her world humans co-exist with ogres, witches, ghosts, demons, tree spirits and other things that go bump in the night and blend in the daytime.
June 30, 2014 Ogres of the Hickory Cottage will launch on For more information about Ogres of the Hickory Cottage and future releases, book launch party event, please visit and sign up for her newsletter at her author’s facebook page Or her Charred Remains FB page.

On a personal note, I have known Char for 90 percent of her life and know what a dream this is for her. If you do not know her yet, seek her out. She is amazing and very talented. She has a podcast called Charred Remains and at one time we did a wickedchannel podcast which is on her site page. Seek her out. Trust me.