Music Review: Anette Olzon: Shine (2014)

Anette Olzon Shine

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Shine” is the debut solo effort from the ex-Nightwish and ex-Alyson Avenue vocalist Anette Olzon. Her angelic and powerful voice will never be doubted. Voices like hers do not happen upon us all that often.

Just to clear the air right up front, I will not further address the elephant in the room that is the revolving door of Nightwish vocalists.

“Shine” comes out to be almost precisely how I expected it to be. It is a showcase of Olzon’s majestic voice in a nice sampling of her music. What does surprise me about her solo album is that it is not quite the solo effort that I expected. The album’s material is co-written by Olzon and collaborators Johan Glossner and Stefan Orn, the latter two contributing to songwriting and playing the music. In some cases, they are heavily involved with the arrangement on some tracks.

“Shine” offers plenty of variety including playful tracks like Floating, pop-ish tracks like the album opener Like a Show Inside My Head, powerful ballads like All of the Lies and a lot more. All of the Lies is the one time where Olzon seems to let it loose and really shine (pun intended).

Overall, the album is solid from many aspects, but with its many hits, it also offers a few misses. There is no denying Olzon’s vocal talents and listenability. Also, if you were expecting anything similar to Nightwish (not sure why you would have) or even Alyson Avenue, you will not get that here.

Anette Olzon: Shine Rating:

7 Stars (7 / 10)

Shine Tracklisting:

1. Like a Show Inside My Head
2. Shine
3. Floating
4. All of the Lies
5. Falling
6. Moving Away
7. Invincible
8. One Million Faces
9. Watching Me From Afar
10. Hear Me