Movie Review-Blood Rush, Dead on Appraisal and Rabid Love


Review-Low budget horror is always going to be a hot topic with people who are into this genre. People will bitch that low budget means low quality others will praise because it showcases that if you take away things like money and a studio, what can you come up with. I know studios like Brain Damage, Midnight, Wild Eye and the list can go on and on, fans will see that they have new films and no matter how much praise and hard work people put into the promotion they just flock to see what cash and a name can make. That is why this genre is so fucked up right now, people need to stop forgiving the major studios when they underwhelm and maybe give smaller films a shot. Case in point is Blood Rush, while the cover does this film no favors what happens on this screen is really better than I expected. This film in true low budget fashion shows its inspirations all over its story but this film instead of blatantly ripping off it seems to give you something of its own voice in the middle of it. The pacing of this film is uneven with a slow start that builds very fast, but I am willing to forgive that because I was really into what this film was telling me. A zombie outbreak is going down and we meet a young female who overcomes the zombies who finds others who survived. This film is your typical zombie film but it also seems to have a balance of story and the zombie stuff. The acting in this film if you have zero expectations is not bad; it is what you expect from these kinds of films. What separates this film is that the women in this film are lustful but also showcase they are more than a pretty face and really deliver. What you get in terms of gore and zombies is not the best but it does not have to be. I really thought the story was strong enough to carry the weaknesses of this film. I am getting very old or I was in the right mood to see this film, it really entertained me for what it was. Which is an adrenaline packed little episode of Walking Dead meets maybe a low budget retelling of Dawn of the Dead. I would say this may be worth a rental just for the chance to see something that if this was one of those major studio releases them rich idiots would have fucked it up. Sometimes in horror low budget and simple really is more effective than over-budget and over-thought.

7 out of 10


Review-Most of what I said in the Blood Rush review will not apply to this film. So, this is the film that was hailed the “Terror Toons” for the new age? Seriously? Horror anthologies are becoming such a played out genre in the indies. To be honest, some of this film is not bad at all. This did feel like a student film, pure and plain amateur. It is like they probably went to a bar or White Castle, trying to impress and said “Who wants to be in our film”. They would have been better off trying to staple cash to their foreheads or credit cards numbers to impress people. This film is basically what you assume it will be looking at the trailer and box, it is cheap cell phone film making. This film has the pleasure at times of being so bad, that it was enjoyable. This film has very impressive gore and some of the effects were ok, the acting and story were horrible. This film felt like a bunch of ideas that were thrown together with no rhyme or reason to make a film. This film is a car wreck that I could not stop watching, and if I had any kinds of ummm…substances this film would have really been a hell of a ride. This is one of those so bad films that you and your friends will get together and tear it apart and have fun doing it. All in all, this film makes Creepshow 3 feel like the original Creepshow. I am not sure why they billed this as an anthology, nothing really seemed to connect any of the stories and you never really follow this film, you just roll your eyes and try to keep along. I am sort of embarrassed for all in this film, this film was like watching a sex tape of your own kid. Better yet, a kid watching a sex tape of their parents.

4 out of 10


Review-I will go on record, Rabid Love is that film that I am floored is not bigger. Rabid Love is a really good film that I feel should have been the talk of the scene. What this film lacks in horror, it makes up for in script and acting. This film has what very few low budget films have, a personality and voice. People will say well it is the typical “cabin in the woods”, “friends hanging out in the middle of nowhere” type of film. That is where you are only touching the tip of what this film is. The characters in this film are not your stereotypical people; they have some good acting range and really deliver on the premise to keep you interested. When the killing starts this film was smart, it created people you can generally care about and get behind. The negative to all this, this film is slow and takes a while for the horror and action to start. This film is basically a drama with horror elements. We have a beast in the woods, but as we watch the characters we are led to believe that the real horror may be within them as well. This film has a lot of blood and violence when it does kick in. This film I feel is really good, the ending was smart and effective, the script was good and the characters really carried this film and did a great job with what they had to work with. The negative of being slow aside, this film in the end had me wanting to re-watch it. Films like this true are a dime a dozen, but I would give up a dozen dime for an indie film like this to deliver what this film did. I really dug Rabid Love and hope to see more from all involved. Jessica Sonneborn god does she deserve a break, she is such a talent on the rise.

8 out of 10

  • Paul J Porter

    Thanks for the positive words on ‘Rabid Love’ and glad you enjoyed it!