Metal Review: Pilgrim: II: Void Worship (2014)

Pilgrim II: Void Worship

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Rhode Island is not exactly a place known for its metal output, but that does not stop doom metal band Pilgrim. After their well-received debut with 2012’s “Misery Wizard,” there have been plenty of people eagerly awaiting what the band would do next. We now know with their release of “II: Void Worship” through Metal Blade Records.

After a brief (useless) intro, the real chaos begins with the epic Master’s Chamber eclipsing the ten and a half minute mark. This lengthy piece is all about dropping the hammer on the listener with its myriad of twists and turns throughout its evil path.

The Paladin quickens the pace just a little which uses nearly half of its length before bringing the vocals of The Wizard with its catchy choral iterations and guitar riffs. This is the true rocker of the album.

Void Worship is just a heavy, evil number with amazing vocal work and a thunderous doom pounding with a grimy riff that is earth shaking.

The closing track, Away From Here, is a throwback to the heaviness of Cathedral’s early work and is another thunderous barrage of riffs.

Overall, Pilgrim does a lot of nice things with “II: Void Worship,” but the main thing that fans will notice is the restraint used by The Wizard throughout the album, which is off the beaten track for the band. The band still plays heavily off of influences from legends like Black Sabbath and Candlemass, which is not exactly a bad thing.

Pilgrim: II: Void Worship Rating

6.5 Stars (6.5 / 10)

II: Void Worship Tracklisting:

1. Intro
2. Master’s Chamber
3. The Paladin
4. Arcane Sanctum
5. In the Process of Evil
6. Void Worship
7. Dwarven March
8. Away From Here

Pilgrim Line-up

Krolg Splinterfist, Slayer of Men – Drums
The Wizard – Vocals, Guitars (formerly also bass)