Metal Review: Corrosion of Conformity: IX (2014)

Corrosion of Conformity IX

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With a June 24, 2014 North American release date through Candlelight Records, Corrosion of Conformity is back with their latest effort, “IX.”

I have been a very vocal commenter on the direction that Corrosion of Conformity (COC) has taken with the reformation of the older line-up and the removal of Pepper Keenan. For me, he was the band. They enjoyed their most successful times with Keenan at the helm. I was never a fan of their music until “Blind” and thought that the band was really doing some nice things during his stay with them. It seems like when Keenan did vocals for Vote With a Bullet, everything changed for the better with the band. After a few albums though, COC’s output became quite stale, which is perhaps what led to the eventual reunion.

On to 2014, where COC has underwhelmed me at every turn since their reunion. The music is not horrible, it is just no different than the output being created by lesser bands. For that reason, I have pretty much checked out with the band. I still hold that glimmer of hope with each new release though, so here we are with “IX.”

The opener, Brand New Sleep is actually a throwback of sorts to their time with Pepper Keenan with a more groove metal oriented approach. The bass is pronounced and effective. Elphyn is another song in the same vein focusing on the riff and the groove with a little extra emphasis on the bass lines. Trucker is another song with a decent groove and melody that is an above-average rocker.

The standout track of the album is Who You Need to Blame, which oddly falls at the tail end of “IX.” This track seems like the best arranged of all songs on the album.

“IX” turns out to be the best output that I have heard from the band since “Wiseblood.” After each passing listen to the album, I get the item to listen to it a little more, so this album could be one that grows on me even more shortly.

Corrosion of Conformity: IX Rating

6.5 Stars (6.5 / 10)

IX Tracklisting

1. Brand New Sleep
2. Elphyn
3. Denmark Vessey
4. The Nectar
5. Interlude
6. On Your Way
7. Trusker
8. The Hanged Man
9. Tarquinius Superbus
10. Who You Need to Blame
11. The Nectar Reprised

Corrosion of Conformity Line-up

Mike Dean – Vocals
Reed Mullin – Drums
Woodroe Weatherman – Guitars