Horror Review: Blood Glacier (2013)

Blood Glacier

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Blood Glacier (2013)

AKA “Blutgletscher”
AKA “The Station”

Scientists working in the Austrian Alps discover that a glacier is leaking a liquid that appears to be affecting local wildlife.

Director: Marvin Kren
Writer: Benjamin Hessler
Stars: Gerhard Liebmann, Edita Malovcic, Brigitte Kren
Release Date: May 2, 2014 (in theaters and on demand)

From the director of 2010’s surprising “Rammbock,” Marvin Kren, comes his latest effort, Austria’s “Blood Glacier,” a low budget movie eerily reminscent of one of my favorite remakes of all time, “The Thing” (1982). Of course, while “Blood Glacier” attempts to make the viewer remember this 80’s classic, it lacks anywhere near the quality of film as one would expect. The inevitable parallels it draws to “The Thing” stop at the setting of the film with its icy backdrops and the happenings around the researchers working in the area.

Perhaps part of the problem that “Blood Glacier” has is because of the lack of surprise. Had it possibly kept its original title, “The Station,” the viewer may have taken aback by the bloody mountain and the terrors within. While we never get an up close and personal look at the creatures, they do manage to provide some decent scares and, with the right amount of imagination, the viewer can make much more out of them.

The positives of the film are the backdrops, which can also be a negative aspect of the film because of how much more could have been done with the scenery. There was a decent level of gore, but the creature effects were borderline atrocious.

The film has many flaws though. The acting is subpar, and one would have to question the overall direction of the film with not being able to take advantage of the wonderous scenery. The ending makes no sense, but this is not the first time we have said this about films of this ilk.

Overall, “Blood Glacier” had potential which was left untapped, but we have all seen films much worse than this (I’m looking at you SyFy Channel).

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Is Blood Glacier Worth Watching?

This one is a pass for most fans, but some of us have to see them all. If you are like me, you are going to watch it anyway, but you could do without this one.

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