Movie Review-Is the man who is tall happy?


Review-The vehicle of filmmaking is to communicate one’s vision with us in a way that will either thrill or captivate us. I am a huge Bjork fan, and one of my favorite videos ever was Bachelorette. In that video director Michel Gondry took a simple concept and made it just so mind-bending beautiful, just the idea of taking simplistic ideas and making them so jaw-dropping. Gondry to me is such a visionary, form classic films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, to the very underrated The Science of Sleep to even his commercial bombs that were just genius like Be Kind Rewind, you will never get the same idea or film twice from him it seems like. Gondry’s vision of the world is artistic, boundary pushing realism mixed with just abstract sights and music. When Gondry directed Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, it showed that he can take the common documentary and do something unique. Now with his latest project a 90 minute interview with Noam Chomsky, Gondry created a documentary that is just jaw-dropping original and unique. He did not want to present us with a lot of footage, instead he wanted to give us a lot of animation. This documentary really has no real rhyme or reason, or even a plot. It is just a conversation piece with two minds that are completely polar opposites. Where Gondry comes across more of a free minded thinker of sorts, Chomsky is more direct and concise. This discussion of philosophy was really engaging and really flowed very well. The animation really added an element that seemed to play in the favor of Chomsky coming across more with a broader personality than you would assume he could have. As the conversation goes on, you just feel Gondry’s fascination coming thru the screen and becoming so infectious. The conversation at times does wonder into Gondry’s personal life and the teachings of Chomsky to his everyday life. The interview itself was fascinating to a point; I mean I love philosophical debates, though at times it does feel a tad long winded. We do have limited footage, which leads us to the animation of the film. The animation which could sound like a fail actually are the true star of the film, Gondry’s vision just really shines in this documentary. The only negative I can think of is the film is too long, at 90 minutes it does start to feel towards the end that it may have overstayed its welcome. The film may have been more effective at say 60 minutes or even 30. 90, while I did find this film really jaw dropping and very visually entertaining, the conversation at times does bog it down. Am I glad I watched this film; yes I am just that big of a fan of Gondry. Would I watch this film again or recommend it? Sure, I feel people would really embrace this visionary; maybe watch the film in parts could be more effective.

7.5 out of 10