Metal Review: Down: Down IV – Part Two (2014)

Down IV - Part Two

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Louisiana’s groove metal all-star ensemble band Down is back with “Down IV – Part Two,” and when we get a new Down release, we know what we are getting into. Down is amazing. They could have rested on their laurels and succeeded by simply using the reputation of their most famous member, ex-Pantera frontman Philip Anselmo. Rather than riding that horse, they decided to pave their own path and continue to keep doing so.

While they have never matched the charm and excellence of their debut album, Down has released some solid materials in their time. While I was not a fan of their second album, it had some killer tracks on it. While it took me a while to get into “Down III,” I eventually found much love for it. “Down IV – Part I” was a brief glimpse into the band’s varied interests and styles and worked fairly well. To try and expect the band to re-write “Nola” would be unfair, so I have grown to truly appreciate Down for what they have written.

“Down IV – Part Two” is another EP containing 6 tracks, all of which are solid in their own right. The album starts with the evil sounds of Steeple reminiscent of many classic Black Sabbath tracks into the brutal riffwork of We Knew Him Well. The track pays homage to the metal riff, which grooves and pounds its way through its course.

One of my favorite tracks is Hogshead/Doghead. The guitar work is great and Anselmo sounds his best on this track. The hooks and lead fills are placed so well in this song. Conjure is another throwback to the Black Sabbath sound with some intense guitar work and evil lead and backing vocals.

As far as the production values of the album goes, the band continued down the path that was started with the “Purple” EP with the raw sound, which was even more raw than their previous efforts. That style is still apparent with “Down IV – Part Two.” The guitars have also never sounded better in terms of tone and lead quality. Pepper Keenan has always been a very good player, but has rarely shown his chops on the Down albums.

Down: Down IV – Part Two Rating

8 Stars (8 / 10)