Join Ruby on her journey for the “Waiting for Light” release & in making a difference for Womankind Worldwide!


Hiya folks!

Welcome to the ruby campaign! We’ve got a new album, the first for some considerable time, called the “Waiting for Light.” It feels very much like that – like I’m emerging from a very long, very dark tunnel.

The making of the album has been a process of rediscovery, of trying to find out who I am as an artist now and what I want to say sonically, as well, as lyrically.

It was made mostly in my house in Scotland during 2013, here with the wind and the sheep providing some interesting backing vocals!

The whole project has been a DIY effort – no label involvement. Which is where YOU come in! We’ve teamed up with the lovely Pledgemusic people to launch this campaign.

This campaign will not only bring you the album, but will bring me to you! My need to stand in front of you and feel the air passing out of my lungs, over my vocal chords, down a mic and out to your ears!

LIVE is where you get to explain yourself, to really show what you’re about and what you’re trying to say.

We’ve come up with a load of very tasty exclusive items for you to pledge for. Lots of artwork based goodies. Pieces I’ve designed, painted, printed and made with my own fair hands. Things like the original photo that the artwork for Revert to Type and Type 2.0 came from. We also have a very tasty wee lyric book that was designed, printed and bound by my own fair hand!!
This is stuff you won’t get anywhere else and, as the album will be released through Pledge before anywhere else!

After we reach our goal, 10% of all pledges go to Womankind Worldwide ( – an international human rights charity supporting the empowerment of women and girls, helping them to transform their lives and battle the discrimination, poverty and violence that they face simply because they are female.

Looking forward to a beautiful campaign!