DVD Review-UFC: The Ultimate Fighter Season 18


Review-Every so often the UFC get that special attraction athlete that they know upon signing them that there is money to be made. When Brock Lesnar quit UFC in favor of going back to WWE, the new attraction was Strikeforce’s undefeated Ronda Rousey. When Strikeforce was no longer, the UFC after much denial for years, Dana White finally let the women get their turn in the octagon. Rousey is no doubt the next Carano in terms of wanting to branch out from the fighting world. I feel this is why we got Rousey and Tate in this season. When UFC was trying to figure a way to create some kind of spark, Spike and them started this reality based show called The Ultimate Fighter. Not only did the television show create huge numbers but it also drew more attention to MMA and eventually made the UFC the powerhouse. There is no denying that Rousey and Tate dislike each other, case in point was UFC 168 and the fight they had. Ronda like Brock is that athlete who is bigger than the sport, that name that will put asses in chairs and is the case with a television show, draw more attention. This season was the best of all the seasons I felt and I will clearly state it was because of the women. While Tate came across at times during the season in a negative way, Rousey came across worst which makes for amazing television. I have to feel that this show and season shows the cracks in Ronda’s armour, that she went virtually overnight from being a big fish in a medium pond to being a shark in a glass. She is just carrying the pressures and weight of being the dominant female on her shoulders and you can tell at times it is a little too much. Cain is an example of what happens when someone has that weight and not ready to handle it. Ronda is trying to balance this, the best she can and this season you can clearly watch how it affects her at times in her interactions with others. Ronda gets emotional in the love of all her fighters. And when one loses she gets upset and really pissed off, where I feel Tate is kind and shows that she cares a lot and is very humble. The fights and stories this season are very intriguing and it all leads up to a very awesome finale. This is the one season of The Ultimate Fighter that I would suggest even non-fans give a shot.

9 out of 10