Wrestling Review-YouShoot-ICP


Review-Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope this time around are Sean Oliver and Kayfabe Commentaries latest guests. I have seen 90 percent of the YouShoot videos, and I will say right now this one was one of the best. What makes this so good you may ask? ICP had fun and really set out to entertain us, and they did not fail. Like the New Jack shoots, ICP has this humor that does not cater to all tastes, but the one it does cater to will laugh their asses off. The Ho Bag segment alone is worth the price of admission. Violent J and Shaggy really delivered on stories from not only wrestling but the music industry. While Violent J does the bulk of the talking, Shaggy has his moments and really shines as well. This shoot goes a little over 2 hours and I will be honest, it was not enough. They share the stories about Mike Awesome doing the bus power-bomb that Shaggy fell off the bus and also shared the story about the feuds they had with Eminem and Sharon Osbourne. There is not one question that was asked no matter how positive or negative it was that they shied away from. ICP really come across as knowledgeable about the wrestling business and respectful of the ones who made it possible for them to be in it. The music questions were thrown in, but I really wish there was more talk about the backstage atmospheres in XPW and more light on their time in TNA. They did share some stories about WCW and WWE, but I just wish there was more time to talk more and more. Once they start an answer you really do not want the answer to end, because not only are they entertaining you, they are giving you stories you did not hear before. Where I felt the Danny Doring shoot was a little safe trying to get his ass some work in the future, this shoot I felt was honest and really meant to expose people and the business. I have to say this is one of YouShoot’s best releases in a while, and god I wish more people would watch this and try to open up and have fun, instead of being short and shady with what they say. While I am not a Juggalo or a fan of the music of the band, I am a fan of what they did on this video and this may have opened my eyes to how talented they are. No matter how sad or depressed you are, this is some really funny stuff that will entertain the hell out of you.

9 out of 10