Wrestling Review-Wrestling’s Most…Crappy Gimmick


Review-Kayfabe Commentaries are back with another installment of Wrestling’s Most. What this is basically a countdown show, where the voice is given to the fans to pick a top five and the wrestling stars give their comments and views on each one in the top 5. This month’s top 5 actually started as a top 20 at Wrestlecrap and the fans went thru the 20 to come up with 5 and that topic being the top 5 worst wrestling gimmicks. Beside a blogger who is supposed to be talking about horror knowing more about wrestling than most of the dirt sheets, I am not sure what could beat that crappy gimmick. All jokes aside, I have to admit I am such a fan of getting people’s input on things that I viewed as either bad or good in the wrestling business. For me, what sold this 45 minutes was that one of the guests discussing these top 5 is the man himself Vince Russo. This man had to have an opinion on this dvd to make it work. I mean Sunny, New Jack, Blue Meanie and etc. are fine but people like a Vince Russo who have taken so many shots for his booking and writing to finally be on the other end was such a blast. I am glad that Kayfabe and Cornette are back on the good again, I would like to see his personality injected in some of these Wrestling’s Most. All in all, this was a fun 45 minutes that I feel is the true wrestling alternative to people who want something that really pulls the curtain back and give you something unique. Today’s wrestling fan has so much wrestling to choose from, and I feel if Kayfabe were on direct tv or a network like WWE, I would have to subscribe. Sean Oliver is such a genius, how this fuck is not booking at one of the promotions is such a sad day for wrestling.

8 out of 10