TV Show Review-Monsters-The Complete Series


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1. The Feverman
2. Holly s House
3. New York Honey
4. The Vampire Hunter
5. My Zombie Lover
6. Where s The Rest Of Me?
7. The Legacy
8. Sleeping Dragon
9. Pool Sharks
10. Pillow Talk
11. Rouse Him Not
12. Fools Gold
13. Glim-Glim
14. Parents From Space
15. The Mother Instinct
16. Their Divided Self
17. Taps
18. The Match Game
19. Rain Dance
20. The Cocoon
21. All In A Day s Work
22. Satan In The Suburbs
23. Mannikins Of Horror
24. La Strega
25. The Face
26. Portrait Of The Artist
27. A Bond Of Silk
28. Rerun
29. Love Hurts
30. The Farmer s Daughter
31. Jar
32. The Demons
33. Reaper
34. The Mandrake Root
35. Half As Old As Time
36. Museum Hearts
37. Habitat
38. Bed And Boar
39. Mr. Swlabr
40. Perchance To Dream
41. One Wolf s Family
42. The Offering
43. Far Below
44. Micro Minds
45. Refugee
46. The Gift
47. The Bargain
48. The Family Man
49. Stressed Environment
50. Murray s Monster
51. Bug House
52. Cellmates
53. Outpost
54. The Hole
55. Small Blessing
56. Shave And A Haircut, Two Bites
57. The Young And The Headless
58. The Waiting Game
59. Sin-Sop
60. A New Woman
61. Malcolm
62. Household Gods
63. The Space-Eaters
64. The Waiting Room
65. Leavings
66. Desirable Alien
67. A Face For Radio
68. Werewolf Of Hollywood
69. Talk Nice To Me
70. The Moving Finger
71. Hostile Takeover
72. The Maker

Review-As a horror fan growing up, we had some really amazing television shows, whether it was in the 70’s when I was just a little blogger and watched Night Gallery, The Night Stalker, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Twilight Zone. The 80’s when the horror on television started to get a little silly but still produced some quality with shows like Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside and in the late 80’s Monsters. The show only lasted what less than 4 years and gave us 72 half hour episodes that really was the alternative to television trying to whore out horror symbols and use their images to sell crappy television. To re-watch this set today was such a must for me, because it brought back my teen to late teen years. I have seen the show on Chiller and also on SYFY one time or another, but to finally get all the episodes on this set, I was stoked. To me this show symbolizes all that I love about horror; it has a sick sense of humor at times, some really fun scary moments and just a wide assortment of horror elements that really keep your attention. The show features talent from Frank Gorshin to Linda Blair to so many more people. The intro alone still to this day gives me a shiver and gets me excited for what is coming up. The only negative to me about this set is that we did not get a blu ray. But, I can live with the fact that I now can watch all the episodes over and over and will never get old.

Highly Recommended