The Walking Dead: Episode 4.12: Still Review

The Walking Dead Episode 4.12 Still Review.

The Walking Dead” is seemingly using the second half of its fourth season to deliver introspective character studies. In many ways, these episodes are some of the better episodes of the series. If you look at the latest episode, “Still” (Episode 4.12), this should have been one of the best episodes of the season because it features Beth and good old Daryl. To me, Beth is practically a throwaway character with not much attention having been paid to her up to this point. Even after her failed suicide attempt, which most of us probably forgot about, she has never caught on with the fans nor has she been given much to work with on the series.

Daryl, on the other hand is the crowd pleaser who can do no wrong… until this episode at least. It was amazing how unlikable Daryl was portrayed in this episode. Finding out more about a character’s backstory is always great for character development, but Daryl had this sense of mystery and coolness about him, which was virtually wiped away in one episode. Of course, the episode’s ending almost made up for this completely with Daryl’s comment on Peach Schnapps, but it may have been too little too late.

Overall, “Still” was a decent episode, but it had so many problems, most of which centered around the two featured characters’ conversations. The episode’s setup was done very well. The idea of having to spend the night in the trunk of a car while avoiding a forest full of zombies, or having to catch your own snake for dinner let’s the viewer know how tough it is to simply survive in this world.

The other oddity is that the introduction to Sergeant Abraham Ford was just made and then he disappears from the screen for a full episode.