Music Review-The Oath-The Oath


Hitting US Shores on the 15th of April

Review-The debut cd of The Oath just comes right out of the gates swinging. All Must Die which opens the cd is catchy with its 70’s psychedelic occult feel. The vocals sound like a female Lee Dorrian which not only rock the listener but soothe them as well. This is a band you just get the feeling from the first track did their homework, and found their sound immediately and did not force anything and let it come naturally. The second track Silk Road really shines as well and showcases what this band can deliver, a vocalist who can deliver and a guitar riff that is both catchy and familiar. Night Child the next track sounds like they are very inspired by early Trouble. The funny thing is that when I look at the cover, I see two beautiful women and think “ok this is another one of those deals”. But once the record starts you just know from the first second this is a band that can really deliver and make people forget they are two pretty women. The fourth track sounds like a demonic Jefferson Airplane song from the Surrealistic Pillow era. I feel this band really shine on songs like Death Delight, Black Rainbow and Night Child the most, because it shows that this band tries to take risks and show people they are not a one trick pony. All in all, if you are into bands like Huntress, Seremonia, and Christian Mistress you will get into this cd. Johanna’s vocals mixed with Linnea’s guitar sound is just a match made in heaven, it seems that they were destined to make this record. The lyrics are so smart and well thought out, that you can just hear how passionately they believe in this message track to track. This cd is just a very good introduction to a band that I feel is going to only get better with each release. If this is a sign of what 2014 is heading to music wise, I am on board. What a impressive debut record.

9 out of 10