Movie(s) Review-I, Zombie–Dead Creatures—Venus Drowning


Review-In the late 90’s Fangoria magazine put their name on a few films that sort of came out, got little to no fanfare then disappeared. Jinga has decided to release one of the films I, Zombie. When you think of today’s indie zombie films you think characters and story over blood and gore, and this film is more of the same. But, with a small twist-it has a intimate feel to it. I, Zombie is very well acted and such a downer of a film that if you are looking for a bloodbath or a feel good film, this one is not for you. This film is so depressing, I mean almost to the point of sad and heart-wrenching depressing. The film revolves around Mark who is a student living with Sarah his lover. They reside in London and have the problem most of us have. Mark has no time for Sarah. Well, as fate would have it he stumbles upon a young woman who is not herself, it appears she is either injured or ill, or maybe both. Well, Mark tries to help her out and she bites him on the neck. Mark runs in the open fields and collapses from his loss of blood. Little does Mark know when he comes to, he starts to kill people. Mark comes to the realization that he cannot go back to his love so he rents a new place and starts to study his condition. Mark learns that he cannot live normal more than four days then he has to eat flesh or he will be in severe pain. So, Mark starts going on a kidnapping, murdering and feeding spree. What this film does perfectly, it gives both characters a chance to really act. The feelings of both having to come to term with reality and life were really downbeat but so effective. This film is very slow, it is almost on pace with the transformation of Mark. This film had its issues and problems; most of the ideas may have sounded good but were so poorly executed. This film also today, felt so dated. I see why that Fangoria label back in the 90’s really did not go too far. Now, I am not saying this is a bad film it is just not the best it could have been. As a rental this film could be a decent watch if you are into depressing stories that you know how they will turn out. If you are looking for an all out blood bath and zombie gore, this one lacks that element. I liked it, I wanted to love it and hate myself for missing it in the 90’s.

6 out of 10


Review-I. Zombie’s follow up or sequel, Dead Creatures is what you would have expected from the first film. We are in the same mindset, same realm, but different characters. The plot this time is not the fate of a man who had no time for his love, but a whole group. This time a group of young women, they move around like chess pieces and constantly hunting flesh. This film plays more like a cannibal tale than any zombie tale. Things start to change when their daily routine gets more and more difficult, esp. since one of them is in the last stages of the disease. They are also being followed by a zombie killer named Reese. While Dead Creatures goes the same slow pace that the first film did, I felt things like the Reese character added an extra flair to the material. Though some of the scenes do seem to waste a lot of time and go nowhere, like characters just sitting around doing nothing. This film has smartness to it though, people know this disease exists and want to do something about its existence. This film does play out like a cat and mouse game at times, but I felt the characters this time around had more depth to them and were far more interesting and you wanted to know what would happen and how each scene will play out. While, this is by far no classic, it is definitely watchable and recommended. The plot of a group of women running from a hunter, and the women are not played to be weak but have not only strength but a brain is such a welcome relief.

7 out of 10


Review-Andy Parkinson’s third film has nothing in common with his other two earlier reviewed films. This film is so odd and bizarre that I am not sure if I liked this film for what it offered, or how bad it weirded me out. Venus Drowning is neither depressing nor heartbreaking as the other two films. This one even though it opens the film up with a woman slitting her own wrists, this film is very unique. Andy proves to me in these films that he knows the rules to film making and clearly does not give a shit and makes films that will try and redefine the genre more than cater to it. The film is about Dawn who after she fails to kill herself is told by her doctor to spend some time away. The catch to go somewhere she has happy memories at. She goes to an old family place she used to go to on holidays. This trip to sanity goes to insanity when she finds a faceless odd creature on the beach and decides to take it home and nurse it. The creature we learn feeds off of energy from intimacy. One night when John takes Dawn in the sheets, the creature lets out slime that both seem to taste. This creates a relationship between Dawn and the creature which is very odd to explain without spoiling the fun of the film. This is just an odd film, part b-movie creature feature and part Cronenberg. Parkinson seems addicted to make thought provoking film and this film raises so many questions that I am glad that this film did not cater to us, and let us think for ourselves. This film should be seen at least once to know that sometimes the best ideas are the ones that are just plain absurd.

8 out of 10