Movie Review-Welcome to the Jungle


Review-Welcome to the Jungle centers around a staff that is sent by their boss on a two-day-team building survival weekend in the jungle. They are led by Storm Rothchild who is an ex-soldier, who as soon as they get in the jungle meets his fate. Storm is attacked by a tiger and during the fight falls off a cliff. From there, Phil who is that person in the workplace we wish we could punch and throw them off a cliff as well decides that he will speak for everyone and be in charge. Phil as the film plays out becomes a cult like figure as he now has followers and people who defend him. He is also deemed as “The Lawgiver”. Enter Chris, who gets a group together to try and get a radio to work so they can be rescued. But now that everything is going right for Phil he does not want to leave. As the film plays out Storm enters yet again this time badly hurt, just in time for the war between Chris and Phil’s groups. Van Damme plays Storm who is exposed as the film goes on as a phony but the role, he seemed to be on cruise control, it just felt like he did not add anything to the role. The film has a sense of humor that at times just felt so formulaic that it really did not work for me. There were a few characters such as Kristen Schaal who played Brenda who really went above and beyond the call of duty and stole a lot of the scenes she was in. Rob Huebel to me if you see his shtick one time you seen it all the time, he basically seems to be a one note comic. This film at times with its sophomoric gags and toilet humor had me smirk and laugh, and it carried the bulk of the material. This film is an example of a film that on paper looks like a can’t miss and then the camera rolls. I mean to be honest; this film did not bore me or make me want to turn it off. The problem with this film is that it tries so hard to be funny when the material it is working with is not funny. Though, the first twenty minutes or so had my expectations so high that this film was going to be like Police Academy in the woods. I will say this film is not a total waste, I felt they could have gotten more off of Van Damme and made it campier and maybe shoot for cult. This film is pure cheese, and at times it is stale and others it is very enjoyable. This is a hard one, I know I will watch it again but the first watch did not really blow me away, but kept me mildly interested. It was better by far then Enemies Closer, and maybe Strange Wilderness depending on what mood I am in that day when I watch that film again in this lifetime.

7 out of 10