Movie Review-Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales


Review-I am not a fan of films that have to list people’s names in the title to try and drum up people to pay attention. Wes Craven is one of the worst at this cheap advertising ploy to give crap films a shot using his name to make a dollar. Tom Holland is a horror name that was made famous by films like Child’s Play and Fright Night, which came out what in the mid 80’s. So, here we are in the year 2014, the world is now all rocket ships and those computer phones, and we all have labels on our foreheads and answer to the Fuel-master. That last remark shows you how long ago he made an impact in the film industry. I think the last film he was associated with that I liked was that Temp film with the much underrated Tim Hutton and Lara Flynn Boyle. I know of this film because I watch Fearnet and this was an anthology of shorts. As I recalled they had some really good ones that I enjoyed and some horrible ones that I did not finish. This dvd I can say honestly, it was ok in parts and it was awful in other parts. This anthology which looked to be film with little to no budget at least had the heart and style to at least attempt it. We get a story called To Hell With You which is the Danielle Harris one, which every red-blooded horror fan get their horror boners from. This was clearly the best short of all them all, and really was a blast to watch. We also get in no order Fred and his GPS which stars AJ Bowen who seems to be on a career resurgence with You’re Next. The story revolves around a guy who has a talk with a GPS during a getaway after he kills his wife. Which in typical horror form, the wife may not be dead and is still haunting him. Boom is another that kept my attention and was better than the ordinary fare, about a guy who wants to see if his wife is cheating on him with a friend. This also included the Mongo Magick Mirror which was the above mentioned that I watched on Fearnet and knew how awful it was. This was the major downer because Ray Wise was in it, this was so bad on the channel that after 1 minute I had Sinead O Connor playing and decided to try heroin for my 5th time that year. Bite is about a drug that turns people in wolves, and the slow motion stuff ruined this experience for me. Well beside the basic drama 7th grade acting class that played the roles. Shockwaves is another gem, Angela Bettis is in it. This one is about a group trying to survive after a nuclear blast hits Earth. There is so much to like about this film, but there is so much to hate about it as well. I just felt that instead of making so many shorts, why not just make three and make them better than average. Who would not want a film starring Angela Bettis , AJ Bowen and Danielle Harris and have a groundbreaking script? That right there will get people’s attention more than a Tom Holland name on your film. This was better left on Fearnet so people do not have to pay for this mess. All in all, some shorts are good and some are so bad that they ruin the ones that do work.

5.5 out of 10