Movie Review-The Truth About Emanuel


Review-The Truth About Emmanuel is a film that really should have been so much better than it was. Now, before I go any further I am not going to say this was a bad film, it was enjoyable and passed the time away relatively fast it was just such an underwhelming film when the credits hit and you had to think about what you just watched. Jessica Biel who was pregnant in the film plays Linda and she along with Emanuel is clearly the best actors in this film. The rest of the characters and actors were very wooden, and did not pack the punch these two carried. Emanuel tells us in the opening minutes that her mother died we are led to believe that she murdered her, but we find out that it was during childbirth and could not be prevented. So, each year at the birthday it makes it so much sadder for Emanuel. As the 18th comes along, we find out that Emanuel takes a liking to the woman who moves in next door and resembles her late mom, that woman being Linda and who she wants to babysit for. It seems like on the surface most of the characters in this film is normal enough, but once we go deeper into the film we see that people are not what they seem to be. I felt that the characters in this film were too predictable outside of the two leads, that they needed more dimension to their material and maybe more passion to the performances. This film has so much tension that I really found myself biting my nails at times; just to see how the scenes can play out. This film tackles the pain of motherhood and the guilt of being a daughter to a dead mom very well. The cinematography in this film was first rate and I felt that this film if the acting of the other characters was better would have been one of the year’s best films. The film really comes along nicely, has a great pace and direction that each scene really keeps the viewer both intrigued and interested. I feel Kaya Scodelario who played Emanuel is going to be a huge name very soon with the upcoming Maze Runner film. This film really showcases that she has the chops to carry a film, her portrayal of Emanuel should really draw her some praise and attention from this horror community. Jessica Biel is again solid in another film, for those two reasons alone with this amazingly laid out story of loss and the disillusioned girl who we never are sure what her intentions are at first, this is a good little watch. Very well played out ending and enough thrills and suspense to keep even the most jaded movie fan on the edge of their chair. Keep an eye out for Kaya, she is going to be huge.

7.5 out of 10